Baby from brother. Big mistake

If you're soon to be ex-husband finds out what you did he will be glad to be rid of you. Incest is for losers. Hopefully, your child will have all of his or her fingers and toes and will have a normal IQ. Products of incest often display negative traits so you are not doing your potential child any favors by getting pregnant with your brother's child. I have known two children born of such a union.

One girl had a good IQ but her joints were undeveloped. She had a weird gait and her arms were stuck in a boxer like fetal position. A boy I knew had a speech impairment and I believe a borderline IQ. Leaning towards retardation.

Even if the child born of incest has a child of his or her own problems persist. A stupid friend of mine knocked up his office help who was a very unintelligent product of incest and his child by her was just a bit better off then her mother was.

Don't have another child with your own brother. You have already made one mistake.

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  • For those who don't know, its another post I put of me helping someone else with their problem. I'll say a couple of words from the song I told them to sing.
    What the f***.

  • I say f*** her p**** raw. have 5,6,10 or as many kids with ur sister as you want. i got my cousin pregnant she is 16 and i am 24. after the kid is born she will have another. i told her she will have more kids than our grandmother which had 13. i told her she will have 16 kids by me. s*** i have been f****** her p**** since she was 7 and now she is 16. i started f****** her when i was 15 and she was 7. now she is pregnant at 16 and the father is her 24 year old cousin. if i were you i would f*** my sister's p**** every f****** day

  • F*** her just don't knock her up

  • Only in America do we have these kind of conversations

  • Only in alabama you mean???

  • Incest happens everywhere.

  • What about that man in Austria that kept his daughter in the basement raping her for many years?

  • That sort is wrong. Not all incest is bad if its consensual and between adults

  • If it's consensual and you both decide where to c** beforehand then incest s** is okay.

  • Agreed, should be legalized.

  • OP might want to use smaller words though, if they're addressing a typical American audience

  • And UK

  • The issue here for me is cheating not incest. If this person wants to be with her brother then she should do so. Granted birth defects can happen in incestuous relationship pregnancies but the risks are still very low. Don't forget birth defects can happen in any relationship. Best use birth control when and if you are involved sexually with family.

  • Better still avoid sexual contact with a family member altogether. It's stupid to have s** with your sister or mother or Aunt etc.

  • Why is it stupid??

  • That question should have an obvious answer

  • There isn't a obvious answer at all. There are different opinions on this. I think with birth control and between adults, incest is ok.

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