My company fired me but my insurance was still good

I was fired for a vague reason concerning mistakes I had made while trying to do my job. None of the errors was all that serious and could have easily been ironed out in time.

The HR head thought differently and she fired me stating that she had been getting calls from the people I worked with about mistakes I had been making.

I should have kept my mouth because being terminated is a decision, not a debate. I should have just left without saying anything.

Ok like I said my health insurance had been paid for through the month after my termination and I took over $400.00 dollars worth of medical prescriptions to the pharmacy and I paid less than forty dollars for them.

A small revenge but revenge nonetheless.

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  • I see that happening to my cousin at the school. and she will end up with hiv aids and on drugs herself with her daughter wanting to go to parties and concerts all the time drinking heavy as a mother and daughter threesome set if the daughter doesn't drive off with her mothers car full of drugs and caught by cops and someone doing time in jail for it. they will be fighting over who gets the modelling contract and boozing drug hot heavy metal image. I think that no f*** dude is a mormon and has many wives. and my cousin is in for a bad turn. I really prayed for her things would get better for her. but I am sick of listening to her mother talking about them all the time. I can't stand being around them much. we are not as rich and spoilt and mongrel. their behavior is shockingly awful.

  • Essentially stealing meds...yeah you're a real hero

  • Hmm. Your revenge just hurt you and your reputation.

    But f*** reputation.

  • Oh come on! All this person did was get some meds on the dime of the company that fired them. Who would even know? They fired him/her. Do you think she/he will use them as a reference? Not likely. He/she gets to choose if they tell anyone about what they did. So, how does this hurt their reputation?

  • Revenge an interesting mind game.

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