How would you plan revenge

Let me start this post by saying that we did not want to resort to revenge of any sort, We wanted to sort the small problem out like adults.

we need some good revenge ideas to bring someone who is bad mouthing us on Facebook, to our neighbors and around the small community we live in. We have been the victims for the last 5 months and need some help on turning the tables.

we know where this persons lives
we know where this person works

any help...

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  • The best revenge is to stop spending one more minute thinking about this person. Set yourself free.

  • You don't say what exactly happened... But sometimes you just have to be the bigger person and not let ass get to you. They are probably in a worse place then you can possibly imagine and this is the way they deal with s***. It's not right..but. If the community and your neighbors truly know you, they'll know the stuff is false and won't feed into it. My suggestions is to avoid them and avoid doing anything that involves property damage, you never know who may be watching and you most likely will be the number one suspect. But I would protect myself - contact Facebook and report them for cyberbullying. Call the cops and maybe get a restraining order and look into hiring a lawyer. File harassment or defamation claim. Get them where it counts, their wallets.

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