My boss is an emotionally demanding person?

Let me list her bullshit:

1. She asks the same questions repeatedly. It's like she has goldfish memory.
2. If she's moody she'll be shitfaced until you ask her whats wrong. Always, she's moody because of her personal issues.
3. She complaints a lot about petty things.
4. She doesn't take a hint.
5. She's unbelievably selfish. She would take leave as she pleases but when it's me or my colleagues she'll make HUGE fuss.
6. She's emotionally demanding.
7. She doesn't like being challenged and her words are gospel even when she makes NO SENSE. God forbid if you don't do as she says.
8. She doesnt apologize for her mistakes. But if its me or my colleagues who makes harmless mistakes...HOLY.
9. She doesnt take criticisms well. Her ego my god.
10. She takes revenge. Like if you fall sick while at work or need to run an urgent errand and you offer to work extra hours to make up for it, she'll bring up old mistakes that has no signifance on the job.
11. She's nosy. She asks uncomfortable personal questions.
12. I am her polar opposite in personality and she has no idea how to deal with ppl with my personality. She demanded I be more like her. I almost went to the HR for this on the grounds of harrassment. I remembered that she takes revenge so I thought better of it.
13. I want her fired. So many ppl in my department quit because of her. I am one of those who lasted long because I am quite feisty and I am not afraid to call her bullshit to her face. She makes my life miserable due to this.

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  • Wow! Why don't you sit down with her and tell her? She just might get it! If she doesn't get it, go to her boss.

  • I would tell her go and s****

  • Oh man, I had a s/v like her once, I nicknamed her 22 without a clue. 2 years suffering with this nasty b. You need to report it to human resources or it will never change!

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