Why I dont talk

I come home from work and I give you a kiss.

I am silent.
I would so like to talk. About your day, my day the kids day. But I don't. I sit quietly. I feel down. I lie on the couch and sleep. I sit silently at the table during dinner.

If I say anything, you will extend it into a big deal criticism. That will make me feel even more crap. So I say nothing.

Oct 7, 2016

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  • Talk to someone else, find another person !!

  • I'm the OP. I'm a guy.

  • And did I mention that I'm also gay?

  • Your being gay makes it... different somehow?

    No. This is about two people not having a healthy relationship.

    Quit fishing for sympathy and/or special rights.

  • Don't take his s***, it will also affect the children

  • I would find solutions, not bring you down

  • Criticism? No. I'll always see the real you. I DON'T CARE about insecurities when I love you. In fact, I'd probably admire them.

  • Eh?

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