Gay parents hate straight people

I'm 18 and never been with a girl or had a girlfriend. I don't no what to do about what happened. To start both my parents are completely Gay. And they feel it evil and disgusting for a man to want to f*** a woman.

To months ago I slept over my friend house, her parents were away. We have slept over each other's house once a month since we were 13.

Kelly got into his father's liquor cabinet and she made us drinks. We each had a couple I started to feel weird and the last thing I remember is us staggering to the bed.

The next morning I woke up my head was pounding, and I needed to throw up. I realized I was naked and so was she. Somehow I got to the bathroom and puked. Kelly was came in and puked also naked.

I looked at her and thought she is so beautiful. And then saw c** dripping from her p****. I said Kelly did we have s**? She was barely able to look at me. "Yes, 3 times. You came in me."

I held her, and we got up brushed our teeth and took a shower together.

I got dressed and said I better leave. As I left, I pulled her to me and kissed her. I've always loved you Kelly. I know she said, I've loved you since 5th grade.

Kelly is two months pregnant, we told her parents and said we want to get married. They agree.

When I tell my fathers, they will hate me. As they have said to me many times, thank god your gay and don't want women. A c*** is made for a man's ass only.

This is so f***** up.

Mar 13, 2020

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  • They’re bigots, yet if roles were reversed they would be boycotting and protesting outside their house

  • Okay..a lot of these comment are so f***** up. the thing is it would very HYPOCRITICAL of your parent to not accept you because of your sexual orientation, its not something you can choose and they of all people should understand that. period

  • You must be a asian or mexican. You need to get on drugs to cure this problem you have. Your parents should have aborted you back to orbit. What is wrong with you americans. You people got other countries of the world saying bad things about you people. Some melting pot.

  • Your parents are a couple of dumb faggots

  • Kill your parents, runaway to Mexico and marry the right Girl.

  • I was adopted by a lesbian couple. I am a girl who 18. When they found out I had s** with a boy for the first time at Christmas, they got so mad they hit me and threw me out of the house on New Year's Day.

    They were so hurtful to me and made me feel like s***. They cursed me and said the only reason they adopted me was so the would have a gay daughter. Not a f****** w**** who wants a c*** in her. And I was homophobic and evil.

    I have no one, but the guy I was with. He asked his parents if I could stay with them. They said yes. Both of them are disgusted by my mothers behavior.

    I thought they loved me, but I guess I had to eat p**** to earn their love.

    Is it wrong to be only into guys? Am I homophobic like they said?

    I feel so hurt, I want to die.

  • Your two mothers give gay people a bad name. I'm a lesbian, your moms are the devil. How do you do this to your child? They are no different than straight people who say LGBT folks are evil.

    You did nothing wrong, dear. The heart wants what the heart wants. Be happy being with a guy.

    The way this world is going with Corona, we will be luck if survive.

  • Your parents are #sickfucks.

  • Interesting. Most gay people I know are very much of the each to their own mindset.

  • This makes absolutely no sense. One of your dads banged a chick at some point unless you’re adopted

  • I was adopted.

  • Wow。。。。。。。。。。。

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