I have a crush on my best friend

I begins in the first day of 8th grade wen I went to fourth period nd sit down in a seat nd suddenly a girl came in nd she was beautiful nd she sit behind me nd a week later I finally gt the ballz to say hi to her nd she say hey back nd after tht we went to a conversation so....... We been tlkin for the whole year nd I ask her if were best friends nd she say yea nd one day she gave me her number nd I gt fukin happy nd I mostly dnt get happy tht much sooo we txt for a liddo bit nd she say im nice nd sweet nd I shuld add her on facebook so I did nd wen valentines day was here I gave her chocolate roses nd she gave me a hug (the best feeling I had for my whole life) nd after tht she hugs everyday nd I started to like going to school becuz she gave me hugs nd another day I asked her out but she say no bcuz she just bokei up with her boyfriend nd it was the last day of school nd I say I might not going to see her again nd I was goin to kiss her bt I gt scared everytime I txt her she dnt reply nd I thik our relationship is over nd cn anyone cn help me? :(

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  • I don't think anyone can help you on you're english.

  • And not nd

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