Nice weekend

I split with my long-term boyfriend 6mts ago I was depressed and the doctor prescribed me anti depressants, they have changed me sexualy. I'm 35 and only had s** with two men, now I want to f*** all the time.
A couple of weeks ago I went away for a long weekend, staying in a nice hotel in Llandudno. The 1st night I was in the bar and a middle aged man began chatting me up, after a few drinks I said I was going to my room to get comfortable, making sure he saw my room number. I changed into a tiny nighty and nothing else, there was a knock at the door and he was there with a bottle of wine in his hand. I let him in and in no time I was kneeling on the bed with his c*** in my c*** pounding me, we spent two hours f****** and sucking and had my 1st a***.
He dressed to leave and put £100 on the bedside table and his business card. He clearly thought I was a whole.
The next morning I went down for breakfast, he was at a table with another man who came over and asked if I could accommodate him before they left. I agreed and he f***** me and again left me £100
Not t only had I doubled my c*** intake but was £200 better off and became a w****.
God bless antidepressants

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  • There must be something about Llandudno because I took my wife there for a couple of days during the summer and when she was flashing what she likes to do although she is 30 and quite chubby she likes the attention she gets of other men and I like watching although I am not a gay but anyway there was a couple of guys on the front which we started talking to which were stopping at Conway in a caravan which ended up with us being invited that night and wow what a night we had watching first my wife stripping and then having all of us (four in total) to see my wife having s** is out of this world although we both love each other dearly the s** part isn't anything to do with love

  • I don't know how to go about it, but yes I would if the opportunity arose. I felt dirt and aroused, especially with two middle aged men f****** my tigh pushy, I even enjoyed sucking their spunky and my c*** juice off their limp c****. The second got hard again and spunked in my mouth, I want more of that

  • I don't want my husband to f*** me, he has a huge c*** which hurts me. I would love him to f*** a prostitute like you on a regular basis. I am affluent and would pay you to f*** him.
    He is 60yrs chubby but has a 10in fat c***. We live in Stourbridge West Midlands and I would pay your travel expenses and you could spend the night at our house
    How much would you charge for a full night of f******. Marine xx

  • Oh darling, yes your husband can f*** me, there will be no fee. I'd be glad to help you out. I'm in Dudley so any time you want

  • Thank you, I have told my husband that I have found a lovely girl to f***. He got a huge h******, so I wanked him off over my saggy t***. He was demanding a f*** but all he gets from me is a w***, he is desperate for a f***. I have a young man on the side when has a small c*** 5in and I enjoy him f****** me, in 55yrs old and can't take hubby's monster c***. Could we meet on Friday evening at 8pm at the Mitre pub Stourbridge. Maxine xx

  • I will be there, ready and waiting. Does he like anything in particular, so I know in advance

  • He has told me I have to watch you and wait on you both and I have to be baked as I watch you. He has got a strap on dido and wants me to use it on you to get things going?
    I am up for this if you are, he knows I have lesbian tendencies but have never acted upon them. I understand if you are not up for this. Maxine xx

  • Hi Maxine, I'm up for that, never done l**** but what the he'll I like the sound of your saggy t*** do you have fat nipples for me to such as you f*** me

  • Oh f*** they are fat and a large areola 38dd and saggy, you are a dream come true. Maxine xx

  • Looking forward to tonight x xx

  • Thank you for Friday night Maxine l loved the lesbian s**, you big saggy t*** are lovely and George's monster c*** was wonderful, though my c*** is very sore and my jaw aches from sucking his c*** but all that lovely s**** in my mouth and c*** was worth it

  • Are you continuing being a prostitute?

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