Tad, please. PLEASE.

Please, please, PLEASE. End it with Breanna. I want to get with you SO HARD. Even though you are making love with me more than with her already, she is just so in the WAY. And she doesn't even care about your relationship. If you broke up with her she would get with another guy IMMEDIATELY! You know this. You KNOW. Please stop giving ANY of yourself to her. She doesn't care about it and it's hurting me that you get with her AT ALL. I know you want me hard too so please PLEASE dump that skanky ass b**** and come get with me. Love, Tyler

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  • Leave him alone. if he breaks up with breanna on his own then you can go after him but dont break them up or force him to do that. youll never be happy if they break because of you.

  • Shes his gf ur the bit on the side guys dont leave gf for the s***

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