Surrounded by idiots

I hate stupid people, especially breeders and their squalling brats. Why must you spswn? We'll all be dead in 15 years anyway, when we deplete the planet. Idiots.

Oct 9, 2016

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  • I could have written this! Are you over on Bratfree too? Rockin' place \m/

  • The government cann solve the stupid breeding by killing all the dumb a**** as soon as they are identified.
    We could give all our kids to the government to bring up properly.
    problem solved.
    Only the rich and smart get to breed.

  • You are a inferior waste of life kill yourself dumbass

  • Doubt we well all be dead in 15years honestly. Unless you know something I don't . Yeah undisciplined children are a pain. but enh , what are you gonna do ? Sucks but they have to be tolerated.

  • I doubt that exact timeline too, but let's face it, humans (especially the stupid ones) are a cancer to this planet.

    Also, if we have to "tolerate" undisciplined children, they have to "tolerate" sensible people visibly having a problem with the feral little tardmos. If breeders don't like it, they can either be actual parents or crate the damn things at home. No one forced them to spawn.

    "Tolerance" or lack of it is a two-way street. Entitled scum forget that. It's time to remind them.

  • They are your neighbors huh. Feel your pain

  • No one cares lol

  • You are surrounded by idiots because you fit in so well with their state of mind.

  • No one could possibly disagree with faultless logic like that. :D

  • You're going to have to speak up, and more clearly. I can't hear you when you're up on top of your ivory tower.

  • Aw, is the breeder with the squalling brats feeling called out? Too bad.

  • As easy as it is to direct ur gaze on the f*** ups and a******* there is a army of ppl doing good things and solving problems they don't get the attention

  • Agree. Too bad they're not nearly as loud as the fuckups and a*******! And that there aren't as many of them!

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