Surrounded by idiots

I hate stupid people, especially breeders and their squalling brats. Why must you spswn? We'll all be dead in 15 years anyway, when we deplete the planet. Idiots.

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  • The government cann solve the stupid breeding by killing all the dumb a**** as soon as they are identified.
    We could give all our kids to the government to bring up properly.
    problem solved.
    Only the rich and smart get to breed.

  • You are a inferior waste of life kill yourself dumbass

  • Doubt we well all be dead in 15years honestly. Unless you know something I don't . Yeah undisciplined children are a pain. but enh , what are you gonna do ? Sucks but they have to be tolerated.

  • They are your neighbors huh. Feel your pain

  • No one cares lol

  • You are surrounded by idiots because you fit in so well with their state of mind.

  • You're going to have to speak up, and more clearly. I can't hear you when you're up on top of your ivory tower.

  • As easy as it is to direct ur gaze on the f*** ups and a******* there is a army of ppl doing good things and solving problems they don't get the attention

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