Am i gay?

So i had went to jail for 6 months and was cellmates with this very tall muscular white guy. Im only 5'6 about 150 and black he had a dangerous rep and one night i woke up to him rubbing my butt.he told me to shut up in a demanding voice and tbh i was scared af so i let it happen he ended up making me give him head for like an hour and after i had to bend over so he could finger me for awhile then he slid it in me. It hurt at first but after awhile it felt good in a weird way. It got to the point where i secretely liked when he did it becauae he was never rough about it he would f** me very slow nd the way he would tell me how tight i was and i was his black b**** made me a little h**** i even started to cream on his dik (i didnt even know you could cream from your butt) but after i would always feel so terible and kinda wanted to kill myself at times. Im out of jail now of course and i would never try have s3x with another man becauae i kinda feel traumatized after that i dont even look at guys the same anymore but sometimes i do get h**** thinking about him and Mast3rBate every now and then to that thought. Im so confused what should i do? Please dont try and be funny im really lost right now

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  • You love it in your sissy hole, if your wanking over it you must like it, try wearing panties and stockings.

  • You're a child with a big imagination!!

  • Lol Someone trying to portray a "black person" to degrade them!!

  • You've been raped. It isn't okay, and you have every right to feel awful. If you felt like killing yourself, and don't feel normal any longer I advise you see a therapist. That isn't an insult. It really could help.

  • You like it up the bum. That's all.

  • Yes you are gay, there is little doubt. You have the symptoms for sure.

  • No ur not gay hahaha

  • Your his b**** you sissy f**

  • Yes little doll ur a fairy

  • Yes sister ur a f**

  • Ur what a lag f**

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