Attracted to my teenaged step-daughter

I have been living with my wife's son and daughter for a few years now. My step-daughter has blossomed from a cute little preteen girl to a developed high school freshman. All throughout this, I've been nothing but a father figure to her, guiding her, loving her (in the appropriate way), etc. I've hidden these feelings from everybody and I am very careful not to let anybody know about it.

When she takes a shower, she will come out in just a towel and walk to her room, which means she walks past me if I'm watching TV or playing video games. Every single night. She's always done that, so it's not like she's doing it on purpose or anything. I know that. I'm not deluded enough to think that she reciprocates any of my feelings.

I just... I am a father figure to her, but secretly I sometimes wish it could be much more, and we could fool around or something. I know that will never happen, and I have never (and will never) initiated anything with her, nor even hinted at anything. It all stays in my head.

I just wanted to confess this. As a man in his mid-30s, it's very common to have these feelings—I've heard from many people about this fact—but it must stay hidden. Maybe it'll go away eventually. I'm still very much attracted to my wife. It's just that her daughter has noticeably grown into a young soon-to-be woman. She has average sized b******, an amazing behind, nice toned legs (thanks to sports).

Ah well. I will continue to admire her from afar, and still be the step-dad she needs in her life. I easily separate the two, but fantasies will be fantasies...


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  • I understand as well. I am attracted to my step daughter as well. She is in her teens and I dont feel like im wrong for thinking she is attractive she simply is. She is also permiscuous and has been since 13. She wears g strings, tight and revealing clothes, and is extremely sexually active which are all things that scream for my attention. I have never acted and never would sometimes I just fantasize of having s** with her lol

  • I know exactly where you are coming from. Here is my story. My step daughter is 18 year old Filipina and I'm American. At first I thought nothing of anything figuring no way she would be interested. I'm really not that good looking but for some reason a lot of filipinas find me handsome.

    I knew something changed when I noticed that she would go out if her way to avoid me in the house. If I was in the kitchen she would go back to her room and wait for me to leave. I figured maybe I offended her by we rarely talk since we are both introverted.

    Then I noticed step daughter in my bathroom while I was in the shower. I didn't reveal I caught her. Then overheard her masturbating moaning my name after my shower since her bathroom is next to the laundry room. I've since caught her spying on me masturbating, then goes to her bathroom and pleasures herself. I've even caught her trying to peek at me changing while the mom was in the Laundry room. She always glances at me, I've even tried a test to see how intently she follows me around the house. Trust me when I say she has an eye for me and knows everything I'm doing. I play off all these incidents. But I know full well what is going on.

    She is introverted, has few friends and has shown no interest in guys her age. We don't have anything close to a father daughter bond. I've come to the conclusion that she wants me to have s** with her and take her virginity but due to the circumstances and being inexperienced she doesn't know how to break the ice.

    I got to admit my marriage with her mom is not great, been having the same problems for years and risk very little if we get divorced. I've had such intense sexual feelings for the step daughter I often fantasize about having s** with her. Sometimes I have to leave the room because the sexual tension.

  • I very much understand your feelings and am pretty sure we are just a few of many millions of men.

    My step daughter is 25 now, 10 years younger than me, and has blossomed into a truly professional, educated, well spoken woman. But things weren't always rosy. We never got along at first. Couldn't stand her! Honestly! Then things changed and our relationship is amazing now. I have been immensely attracted to her for some time now.

    My wife is 14 years older than me and she is done with s**. Done! Years went on and the frustration inside me grew and grew until I decided to take a humongous leap and approach my step daughter. I was ready to end everything if it didn't go well. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    There is a local s** club close to where we all live and they are open Wednesday noon to 8PM. I took her to lunch on a Monday and went for gold. I came right out asked halfway through lunch: "Would you be interested in coming to a s** club with me on Wednesday?". I think she was shocked. I didn't even know what to make of her facial expression. She then asked where it was and if I go to those places...

    Long story short, we have been attending the club together now for over a year on Wednesday. We have never done anything, but I watch her the entire time she is there with other men or multiple men at one time. Being naked together is Tabu enough. I routinely walk up to her and give her a long kiss while she is getting f*****, but that is it. Being forbidden to hVe her p**** or anything is absolutely Tabu for me.

    Bottomline, anything is possible.

  • I too understand every word you wrote, my teenage step daughter is such a tease yet pleasure to the eye, she is at college now going out most evening to parties and socail events, dressing herself up like the future tarts she is, wearing leather and pvc skirts with tight tiny tops showing her firm small tight n smooth belly, i would like nothing more than to fill that body with my s****

  • I understand exactly where you're coming from. I was in the exact same situation though eventually I saw her completely nude. She would always shower in our bathroom instead of the one right outside of her room. One morning while I was sitting at the table eating breakfast she walked up stairs totally naked. I called her name and instead of covering up and running up stairs like I expected just just keep walking at a normal pace giving me a nice long view.

  • That's beyond his imagination

  • (OP here) Sometimes, it really is. I sit there and wonder, what exactly WOULD I do with her? Whatever she'd be into, really. Just being able to see her nude in person, and to be able to do things with her...mmm...

  • Any update? I'm on the verge of something with my step daughter. I too fantasize about her

  • What would you do to her

  • Honestly, I don't really know. I wouldn't do things TO her, so much as do things WITH her, first off. That all depends on how it were initiated. Maybe she catches me touching myself, or in the shower (thinking it's her mom or something), or maybe we just talk one night and the conversation leads to s**. Who knows?

    After that initial part, though, I'd love to m********* together, pleasure her orally, then have s**. Forgot to mention, I overheard her one time talking to a friend and I know for a fact she's not a virgin (lost her virginity sometime earlier this year).

  • Great response. Distinguishing the TO from the WITH is so significant. Your fantasy about mutual masturbation and oral as a preamble to s** are wonderful. You echo a few of my own sentiments towards my 20 year old daughter, who is an independent woman who can make her own choices about sexual exploration. She has a massage toy behind her bed that rarely moves from it's position. I frequently fantasize about laying on her soft bed next to her and touching ourselves together. While I daydream about such an exotic scene, I love to feel her silky smooth panties on my member and it is so pleasurable to c** inside them while I imagine her helping me to o***** as I stroke her soft hairy p****.

  • Let her see ur c***, will get her mind racing. Walk past her room naked as u forgot your towl or something. Walk in on her when see is getting dressed and then apologies. Let us know how it goes.

  • So a year ago I used to wear pajama bottoms with the fly part opened (broken button, nothing i could do), with boxers under that also had no button on the fly. I'd let it "accidentally" poke out and, when her room was in a place where she'd have to walk past our desktop computer all the time, she'd see it. I actually caught her looking right at it one time, when I faked being asleep at the computer chair, one eye slightly open to see her reaction. One time, I helped her do laundry, and I caught her glancing at my crotch to see if it would pop out again. Never really could figure out how to go anywhere from there. It's really easier said than done, to be honest.

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