I dont know whats wrong with me

I've been suffering from anxiety for as long as I can remember. Lately its been hard for me to control my attacks and the worst part is that I get them so randomly. One minute I'm happy & the next I'm sobbing and out of breath. I don't have any reason to feel sad but I do. My close friend thinks I'm depressed but I don't feel it. I'm stuck I don't know what to do anymore


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  • I have dealt a lot with anxiety, depersonalization etc. It's by far, the most horrific and terrifying thing anyone can go though, every day is horrible at times. But you know what? I'm better. In time, you just get better...

    Buy a book called 'at last a life', read it and apply it to your life, I promise you'll feel better. Don't take medication, don't mess around with doctors. Take it from me, I was literally disabled from anxiety and now I'm 1000 times better simply because I accepted it and moved on with my life. Everything feels horrible at the minute, but trust me, you'll soon lose interest in how you're feeling and just move on with your life...

  • I have dealt with anxiety.
    Meditation and marijuana have helped a lot with it.

  • You're not the only one with issues of anxiety presuming that's what you're actually afflicted with. Psychiatrists and counselors aren't just for depressed people or those who are "crazy" either. Just don't be too quick to hop on the pill train if you do decide to see a professional. I don't know what else to tell you because at this point I'm no better off with it than you are.

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