A while ago, I confessed that I have extreme anxiety and could barely get out of my house so many of you said to find help. I did but now its starting to make me seem "weak" I feel like I'm walking with crutches and I depend on my therapist too much. They informed me that having high functioning anxiety can be very life changing and its good that I found help but that still doesn't change the fact I feel horrible that I fell so low I had to involve someone in my life to help me mentally like I wasn't capable to do it on my own. (I just needed to get that out)

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  • I get that, I truly do. But my take on that feeling is that it's the disease/condition continuing to attempt to impose itself on you. It's a context or perspective issue, not a factual or scientific or even a medical one. You need to find a way to change how you look at it. If your attitude is that having sought help is a mark of weakness, try to correct that way of thinking, or look at it from another angle. If you had a bad case of the flu, you wouldn't consider it weak to see a physician and get a shot and a prescription of medicine. If you broke a bone, you wouldn't object to having an orthopedist splint it or sling it, because it would be necessary to facilitate healing. You may say, "well, this is much different", and you'd be right: what you've been experiencing is far worse, and far more severe, and far more intractable. Getting help "out" from where you've been isn't a sign of weakness: it's an indication of remarkable personal strength. You did a good thing, and I hope you'll continue doing it. Don't let the negative impulses consume you: you have taken a remarkably large step, so there's every reason to believe you can -- and should, and will -- take another. So, take another. Be well.

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