Relationship trust issues

I'd read many online confessions and honestly it is a shame when men and women want to have s** with his wife's family or her husband's family. Sometimes I wonder what if my man turned out to be someone like that. If I ever find out things like that I wouldn't waste an another minute to file for the divorce. This world is so messed up, I would be glad to stay single and a virgin until death. I can't seem to trust people anymore.

Hopefully there's someone like me out there who has the sense of what's right and wrong. Most importantly has self-control. I still have it's bitsy of faith left in me.

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  • I agree x

  • I see exactly where you're coming from and I think the same myself at times.

  • Glad to hear that. (:

  • Loser you are...

  • ... and I love it.

  • Grow up

  • No one gets to tell me what to do. Including yourself. (:

  • Grow up.

  • She seems pretty grown up and mature already. More mature than most adults. She has values and morals, most adults don't possess.
    Since when is it immature, to have strong sense of right and wrong, strong morals and values? Having these qualities aren't based on age, fool!!!! Any person of any age, can possess these qualities!! You're the one, who needs to grow up!!

  • Lol no thanks.

  • Grow up!

  • Lol (:

  • Hi, I married to a girl of a good respectable family and after 5 years one day she had a panic attack and for 2 days she couldn't even know herself. During that she confessed that she already had a date rape and I didn't believe that because of her situation.
    For the next 5 years I blamed myself for her disease and she pretended that our situation cause that but finally I researched and found out that the rape trauma caused that. And some of her family knew that and no one told me anything.
    Now we have children and I even can't tell her you lied to me because she could go through another panic attack and because of children I can't tell anything. I feel our life and s*** is like fake because she just wanted to have a husband.
    I talked to her sister about that and she said that she also has problem with her husband and they don't talk and didn't have s*** for years. We just attracted to each other for our feelings and needs and I love her.

  • All I want to say is that consult a counselor or a therapist. She needs help and if you fall her sister, she might end up doing something out of just a panic attack. You might end up regretting.


  • F*** someone else

  • Dump her ass..........that's a bs excuse to act like a b****

  • Don't give up. I have faith in you too. I'm also fruitlessly searching for an uncorrupted mate. Maybe we could hit it off? But it would depend on how attractive your sister and/or mother is. The thing is there's no denying hot pussssy! Whether it's yours or one of your relatives. S***** is s*****.

  • Excuse me? I wish I had control over my posts where I can ban people like you. You're knocking on the wrong door and no, I don't care if you're looking for someone like me because I'm definitely don't imagine someone like you at all.

    However, thanks for commenting, but I really don't care what you think about this situation. I've been raised in a good respectable family and hopefully I meet someone respectable as well. I'm sure you're nothing like that.

  • I agree with you :-)

  • I'm just gonna say from what you wrote already I don't respect you at all......pretentious fool is what u r

  • Why are you being defensive and offensive towards the OP?
    Since when is it pretentious, to have morals, values and self-respect?
    You clearly don't have these qualities and perhaps, wish you did!!!

  • So?

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