My partner moved in about 3 years ago. Most his stuff is still at his mums but he hast slept there in years.
I was a single mum so I get benefits to help with rent etc.
The problem is he refuses to move in on paper because he refuses to pay rent saying everybody does it. I don't give a duck. I don't want to be a fraud. If I say he's here I lose my help and risk losing my home because I cant afford my home.
I've given him 1000 ultimatums saying move in properly or move out and he always says he will next month or he will when he's got some money saved but it never happens. He doesn't get why its such a big deal to me. The guilt is destroying me.

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  • He should stay away and date someone who doesn't have a kid

  • It sounds like ur trying to f*** two guys out of their money how about using birth control if u can't afford it

  • He's a liar. If he intended to do the right thing he would have done it. Be careful, even if he hangs out too long, you can lose your housing, please don't do that to your child and yourself, especially for someone who clearly doesn't respect you

  • I love that you are a honest person and feel bad when being sucked into dishonesty. I wish more people were like you.

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