I'm 35yr old and chubby with huge t***, long red hair and tight shaven c***. I am considering becoming a prostitute. Would any men out there pay to f*** a woman like me?

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  • Too much free c*** out there.

  • I would buy you a whopper and fries .

  • Do you do I'm a 60yr old married woman I have always had a fantasy to have lesbian s** with a Chubby woman?

  • Oh yes darling, I will give you a very good time. What is your body like and what are you looking for?
    As I f*** men most days a woman f*** buddy would be nice

  • I'm 36a saggy shaven p****, skinny. My husband f**** me once a month if I'm lucky. I have desired lesbian s** for ages, I'm submissive and you can dominate me

  • Can I watch?

  • Well gentleman I am a fully fledged prostitute, I had 10 clients yesterday and 5 booked for today

  • Is your tight p**** stretched and sore now?

  • Oh yes darling, 10 c**** a day would stretch any c*** however only a few c**** are huge, most are about 5 to 6in but one bloke is 12in but thin and he is a s*** f***

  • Well done you! Congrats on your new job!

  • Yeah. Men have a much higher s** drive than any woman can understand. They wont be brad pitt but yes you will get business. willingness to do more acts will give you a competitive edge over the covered bl0wgob girls.


  • Wow thank you, for £200 you could spend the night and I would submit to anything you want darling. I'm a dirty b**** and will please you in any way I can

  • Just do it you fat b****!!

  • You are not very nice

  • Absolutely, I'd f*** you! Link to some pics of you? I love women with something to grab and you sound like you have the right mindset given the way you write.

  • I love men to maul my big t*** prior to f****** me doggy style still gripping my fat nipples. I'm unsure if I should be a w**** or just continue to be a fat s***

  • If you're good at it, then charge for! Except for me ;) I'd maul at your big t***, grabbing them, biting them, pulling them, sucking h****** your fat nipples while I pound your fat p****. Then I'll flip you into doggy, clamp you t*** to the bed posts and extra clamps on rope for me to pull do when I f*** you roughly your big fat nipples are getting pulled in every direction. After I've left a gallon of j*** inside you, you can get on top of me and p*** all over me. I want a w**** to dominate me, treat me like your slave after I've had my way with you. Ride my d*** hard until my b**** are blue and empty and then sit on my face and make me eat your cummy s*** p**** out until you've squirted several times and your p**** is clean inside. Could you be that dirty????

  • That sounds ideal for me, yum all your s**** running out of my c*** and into your mouth. The t** clamping sounds wonderful

  • Oh yeah! Exactly as you said it! All my s**** running out of your c*** and into my mouth! Be a real dirty b****, f*** several guys in front of me as I watch, then I have sloppy sevens and add my c** inside you, then sit on my face and feed me all of the other guys' c** as well. All that s**** running down your c*** onto my tongue and down my throat as I swallow it all. I'll then wash it down with your p*** before I f*** you several ways. I'll clamp your t*** to a my d*** so the harder I f*** your slutty chubby shaven c***, it'll pull your t*** even harder. I want yo leave bite marks in your t*** too so every time you get dressed you're reminded how big a w**** you are.

  • Last night I f***** 10 men I have their s**** filled condoms I would empty them on to my t*** for you to lick them clean as I f*** your little pathetic c***

  • Oh yes! I'll lap up all the c** like a good little boy. Save every condom for me Godess! How did you know I have a little c***???

  • I was just a guess. I hope you are wanking that little c*** reading my posts. I lick to pin your legs back and f*** you with a strap on, watching your little c*** bounce along with my saggy t*** until you s**** all over your self. Them you could empty the condoms onto my t*** and lick them clean

  • Oh godess, your guesses are incredible. I'd have a hard but tiny erection as I lay there on my back, legs pinned down by head as you f*** me with a strap on. I bet it's huge isn't it? My little c*** would bounce hard until I came all over myself. I will empty ever condom you Dave over you big fat saggy t*** and then take my time to lick up every drop of strangers c**. Do you like knowing all they guys that f***** your p**** for money, now have all their c** in me? As you lie back and relax I'll ride your strapon until I c** all over your fat gorgeous t*** yet again I'll lick them beautifully clean and then I'll suck your straponeven though it'll taste like my ass. Would you like that Godess?

  • Thank you for your kind words, you can have a free f*** as well

  • Love yourself a bit more hun ..your beautiful

  • No im not but men always say i hav grt ass

  • How much?

  • £50 an hour

  • U should lok 4 more id lov 2 f*** u

  • I'm in Birmingham UK, we're are you?

  • I would undoubtedly

  • Thank you, you can have a free f*** for being lovely

  • Yes. I wouldn't, but there are undoubtedly plenty of men that would.

  • Thanks for for your honesty

  • Men will have s** with anything if they are h**** and or drunk.

  • Good point, I bet your one of them

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