Number Two with a Tattoo

I grew up in a small town of 15 thousand. My mother was the secretary, my father the lawyer and I was the love baby between them. When I was four my father was killed in a car accident and my mother's financial situation went from bad to worse. I grew up in the trash heap of an apartment complex, I am not supposed to say this now, but it was all black except for us. The difference is that my mother had a high school education and all the people there didn't.

I went to school with black kids all my life. I got hit on a lot by black guys in high school. But I kept my lily white p**** from being f*****. I never got a date request from a white boy at school. I moved to the 'city', which was a couple of hours away and got a job working as clerk and went to night school. I spent six years to get a degree and got a 'real' job working for 'real' company.

I lived alone and my life was work, church and TV. I went to lunch one day with a couple of coworkers, a guy from upstairs showed up and asked if he could sit with us. We were in a booth and his hand went straight to my thigh. I tried tearing his hand off but he grabbed my hand and squeezed my fingers until I thought I would cry. He felt me up under the table, getting his hand between my legs, all the time talking to the other girls like nothing was happening. When it was time to go back to work he told the other girls he was going to let me ride with him.

In his car he told me that he had heard about me, the girl who grew up with N. He was harsh and demeaning, he hurt my feelings but he got me to swear to him that my p**** was virgin and I never let a black guy touch me or kiss me. We went to my apartment and he pushed me onto my bed and reached under my dress and pulled off my panties. He asked me where I wanted it, I turned over and let him open my legs and get on me and he had his fun.

He wanted me tattooed with his name. I first got a tattoo across the small of my back, above the panty line. His name in block letters with an apostrophe s. Several months later across my front, except it declared ownership, as in Mike's p****. I later got a tattoo on my breast, his initials in capital letters. He got what he wanted when he wanted with dinner or breakfast. I made it to 27 a lily white virgin and he took advantage of that. I even leaned across the sink one night while he humped me up from behind.

I liked the s**, the more s** I had the more I liked it and I was totally comfortable giving him oral s** whenever he wanted. Most of the s** was at my apartment but a couple of times I went with him to out of town conventions. In my mind I was absolutely his girlfriend. Then one day, after s**. he told me that he was getting married to the girl that grew up across the street from him. She was finally old enough, had just finished college and she wanted to get married and have kids.

I asked him if he was going to tattoo her too. He said she had a ring to let other men know that she belonged to him. I guess I had my tattoos. I was invited to the wedding but I didn't go. I sat home alone. After the honeymoon to the Bahamas he came by for some of the real stuff, his new bride was just not experienced enough for him. I wouldn't have been surprised if he had asked me to teach her.

14 days

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  • My wife was also naive and got tattoos of her first boyfriend's name on her back and front which show when she wears a bikini. My mother thought that she was a sweet pure young thing when we started dating. The first time that we went to the beach with my parents my wife asked me if I wanted her to wear a one-piece suit and keep her tattoos covered. I told her to wear a bikini. When my wife took off her T-shirt my mother looked closely at my wife and asked whose name it was. I told my mother that it was the first guy that had f***** her. My mother asked me later if I thought that she was the girl for me and I told her that she was. My father said that he was happy that I found an experienced girl like my mother!

  • Yeah right - Lilly white p****...

  • Go away, race baiter.

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