Masterbating True Story

I am a 45 yo female who loves to m*********. Latley, I've been so h**** during day and I'll go in my bedroom, open the curtain and window, strip down to just panties in front of the open window. I grab my t***, pinch, squeeze and pull my nipples until they are rock hard. I'll lay back on the bed, facing the window, so anyone walking or driving by can see. And put on a little show. A couple days ago and guy was jogging and heard my moans, came over to the window and asked if he could watch me. S***! But I said yes, i would love for him to watch and spread my legs to give him a good view. I came so hard, I left a puddle on the sheets. By now the jogger was stroking himself as he was moaning. So I played along. I bent over, ass up for him to see...and grabbed the wooden back scratcher and started to spank myself...christ, he groaned and came in his shorts in 30 seconds flat. We made plans to this a few times a week, with the exception that he was welcome to come in the next time. Then he said he can't wait to spank me for being such a naughty girl. Damn, this is going to be so fun.

Oct 13, 2016

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  • Doesn't sound so bad. You must have come from a strict background.

  • I look in windows all the time as well. I commute to work on a bicycle and leave for work while it's still dark. I've seen a number of woman (and a few men) naked through windows. I've only seen one woman masturbating so far but let me tell you it was hard riding to work with a stiffy!

  • I'm a 45yo male and this confession is one of the reasons I always have my eye on windows day and night since I was 10. The hope the dream of seeing a pretty girl or lady being sexy or just casual. Caught my first peep by accident at 10yo. The cute girl up the road( great ass and legs with sweet little t***) was 14 as I walked on the road going home cause it was getting dark. I saw her light pop on, she walked to the window to close it in t shirt she reached up I saw her belly and legs like never before. But the panties blew my mind. I went back later and found the best spot in the field to see and be hidden.

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