Wife Spanks Me In Front Of Her Mother

I was over my wife's mother's house and got into an argument with my wife and lost my cool. I said, "F*** you!" to my wife in front of her mother. Her mother blew up and told my wife she should spank me like her mother said she used to do to her husband, who passed away a few years ago, "to keep him in line."

I couldn't believe it. Everything became surreal with my wife's mother lecturing her about how she needed to discipline me with a hard, bare bottom spanking.

I had to laugh and said bullshit. My wife got really p***** I said another swear in front of her mother and grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me over her lap. I don't know why, but I didn't resist her. I'm a big guy and I could have easily broken her hold on me.

Next thing I knew she undid my pants and yanked my pants and underwear below my knees and began wailing on my ass like a woman possessed with her mother egging her on and enjoying the spectacle. My wife spanked me so hard my ass turned bright red and hurt like h***.

Maybe I was a p****, but I cried, and didn't give my wife any s*** the rest of the night.

Now at the slightest excuse, my wife spanks me and she has spanked me in front of her mother many times. Lately, she embarrasses me even more by telling her mother I love it and get an erection when she spanks me. She is also threatening to let her mother spank me.

Although I do get turned on when my wife spanks me and talks about having her mother spank me, I feel like a p**** for letting her dominate and spank me. I keep saying to myself no more, but when she gets mad and pulls me over her knees, I crumble and let her have her way with me. If she tells me to let her mother spank me, I'll give in to that too. I guess I've become my wife's b****.

May 30, 2012

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  • In my case my future mother-in-law spanked me for mouthing off to her, in her home. This was a week before our marriage, my future wife watched, agreed, and enjoyed the show I was putting on. The wedding gift from her mother was a bath brush. Once we were home from our honeymoon, maybe a day later I was standing in the bedroom, naked, being told the rules of this home. My wife applied that bath brush hard and fast, and while I faced the wall called her mother and said it works just right.

  • I met wife to be when i was 19 and she was 17 living with her mum and brother I did not know that her mum was a spanker until her brother was quite rude to his mum She slapped his face hard and told him to go to his room She then went up with a large wooden clothes brush and gave him a severe spanking which soon and the 16 year old crying and sobbing loudly When she had finished she had him come downstairs and apologise to his sister and me I was both shocked and surprised at what happened also a bit nervous if honest A few months later we were having a family BBQ with Sue's uncle aunt and cousins (both girls) An argument broke out between me and Sue's brother over football It good quite loud and Sue's mum told us both to tone it down which we did Later it kicked off again and got even louder and included one or two swear words which were heard by all present The up shot was peter was sent to his room with me also Peter told me to stand facing the wall hands on head next to him His mum came up with the brush and we both got a spanking my first for a good few years When she was finished we both had to go into the garden and apologise for our behaviour then to the lounge trousers and pants down hands on head for an hour This was the first of many punishments over the last nearly 40 years

  • Wives that spank their man for real offences will and do find they have the best marriages and s**. When the wife accepts that she can really lay on a sound spanking, caning or a combination of both ( whatever she uses) she will see the results of a well punished man very fast. The husband will grow to accept the strict abuse of his ass and love his wife more deeply and sincerely as a result of her taking the time to discipline him. Divorce would be almost completely eliminated I'm sure if every wife took her man in hand this way. Another tool that's very helpful to use on him is a chastity device. The internet is full of these devices and are not very costly to buy. Once he's had his o****** controlled by her, his behavior will drastically improve and he'll become very attentive, looking forward to her letting him have a release. Another form of control is her pegging him ( using a strap on) at her desire, especially if she's turned on by this idea. He should be taught how to completely flush his bowels for a clean proper f******. Training his ass to accept larger dildoes is accomplished with him flushing first then wearing progressively larger and longer plugs. There are also lockable harnesses that will keep the plug in place as long as she likes before giving him a good riding with her strap on. This can be a pre punishment activity, having him harness up for say an hour or two before a punishment session. Then give him a good beating( with the plug in place) as you normally would. Then you can remove the plug and have your way with him while he's still in chastity. There's nothing more humiliating than being used like a s*** by your wife, especially if she o****** a couple or more times while you can't! Just a few more ideas for you wives out there that want to maintain control and have fun while doing it! Happy spanking ladies.

  • Ive never spanked my husband in front of my mother but she knows I've spanked him in the past. After we were married I was venting to her and admitted I was upset and ended up spanking him. She thought I meant playing around and being a little kinky. I ended up telling her that it was real and it helped a lot both with my frustrations and his attitude and behaviors. Once we were visiting and he was being very polite and helpful, my mother told my husband he should sit down and relax then commented on how helpful he was adding 'He hasn't stopped or sat down since you got here."

    I told her he didn't want to sit down, she didn't get it so I showed her the wooden hairbrush in my bag. It didn't register and I told her I paddled him earlier. Her eyes lit up as she said "again?" My Aunt was there and asked about what I'd said also in disbelief. My mother quietly said to my Aunt, "She spanks him." They both were surprised and I'd admitted to having him over my lap about six times in two years of marriage. I answered some of their questions as they would look at my husband then my Aunt called him over asking if basic questions to catch up and I know she purposely asked if he wanted to sit down, He declined saying he was fine. They looked at each other then to me knowing the real reason. We are going to be moving in with my Mother and I'm contemplating spanking him while my mother is home or waiting for an opportune time. It's not that often that I spank him but when I feel he needs it I don't put it off, unless we're with others or in public.
    I wouldn't do it in front of her and I have kicked the idea around that I should just discuss it with her but I'm a bit uncomfortable. Amy

  • My mother-in-law walked in on me over my wife's knee on the living room couch (in my b'day suit), it was my 50th b'day. My mil wanted to wish me a happy b'day too & over her knee I went. Now I get spanked by both & they have told me I'll never be too old to go over their knees, true to their word, I'm still spanked naked at 65.

  • I have been punished in front of family and friends for the entire time I have been married to Sue (over 35 years) The first time was before we married and when I had been rude to Sue's mother when discussing the wedding arrangements It was at her house and her father was out for the evening An argument started and it got out of hand I used a swear word and her Mother got upset and left the room crying The upshot was that I got my face slapped twice very hard and was told to stand in the corner hands on head whilst Sue went to see her Mother After about half an hour they both returned and I immediately started to apologise to both Sue and her Mother This resulted in another 2 slaps to my face I did not notice that Sue had a large wooden clothes brush in her hand at the time The upshot was a telling off I still remember all these years later and one h*** of a spanking from them both until i was sobbing and begging them to stop I then had to apologise and stand trousers and pants down in the corner until Sue's father came home So embarassing ! Now all these years later most family (adults) have seen me punished and friends also

  • You were right Mother my wife said as I stood saying nothing. Husband can act like little boys, naughty at that. Her mother looked at me, what you need young man is a spanking, and if my daughter does not give you a spanking I will. I said nothing. Get to the bedroom young man and I quickly did as told. I waited and finally my wife came to the bedroom holding a large hair brush. She looked at me, I agree with my mother, you need to be given a spanking, like a naughty little boy would get. Down to your underpants she said sternly and I soon stood in just my underpants. Sorry I said, oh you going to be sorry young man. Mother is waiting, back to the front room, and with a sting from the hairbrush I did as told. A chair was in the middle of the room, my wife sat down and told to stand before her. These are coming down and soon my underpants were around my ankles and I was over her lap. Oh she applied that hairbrush soundly and I was kicking, squirming, pleading. Harder Dear her mother said and she did. I kicked off my underpants and when she stood me up I danced around the room, rubbing, My turn my mother-in-law said and I tried not to go over her lap, I was soon secured and my sore spanked bottom felt the hairbrush land hard, fast, and I just finally laid over her lap crying.
    When she stopped, get to the bathroom young man, I did as told. My wife soon came in, I was rubbing, crying, and my wife scolded me like a little child. Welcome to your new world young man, act like a child, a naughty child, I will be your Mommy, and Mommies spank naughty little boys, understand. Yes Mommy. When she was done, I was taken back to the front room, faced the wall, and the two talked. Finally told to get dress going shopping and out to lunch. Squirming at lunch both told the waitress I have acted like a naughty little boy and got a spanking. The waitress smiled, on the bare bottom I hope, oh very much so and the hairbrush did wonders. Jack

  • It is good to know there are women who know about the little boy in us men who desperately needs to be taken in hand and you both know exactly what will do the job. I pity him if he try’s to resist being punished for any bad behavior that you two deem worthy of a bare bottom spanking across both of your laps!

  • Be a naughty little boy in front of my friends, my mother, and I will treat you as such, that means a spanking. My wife informed me of this recently, I pleaded with her not to do such. Best be good she said. A week later I stood in the front room, my wife and my mother-in-law both calling me a very naughty little boy. Please in the bedroom I said to my wife, and she corrected me, who am I when you have been naughty, I said Mommy. Best do as Mommy tells you, I said yes. I stood there as she lowered my pants, underpants, and my mother-in-law looking on. Over my lap, Yes Mommy and she wasted no time spanking my bare bottom with her hand. My mother-in-law left the room, returned with the hairbrush and then pulled my pants and underpants off. I kicked, squirmed, pleaded, but my wife insured I learned my lesson. When she finally stood me up I ran to the bathroom, had to pee, she followed, sit, no standing and squirming on the toilet seat I peed. When done she told me to wipe my p**** and wash my hands. Taken back to the front room, I stood facing the wall. Finally when told I could leave the wall I said I was sorry and would be a good little boy. My mother-in-law was holding the hairbrush and I was soon over her lap and my sore spanked bottom was getting another spanking.
    I danced around the room, my wife took me to the bedroom, I was told to put on my pajamas and back to the front room. Very nice dear, very nice indeed my mother-in-law said and I stood facing the wall and Mommy pulled down the bottoms to display my very red spanked bare bottom.
    Going to be a good little boy my wife said, Yes Mommy. Your going to bed early, Yes Mommy, your getting a bath in the morning, Yes Mommy and you will be wearing your pajamas tomorrow until I say otherwise, Yes Mommy. Now get to bed, Yes Mommy.

  • I bet he is a very well behaved little husband!

  • We have used erotic spankings throughout our 40 years of marriage, mostly the Wife giving them to me. Recently her mother came to visit and being a typical stupid man I decided to self pleasure while sniffing and rubbing her mother's panty and of course just as I was unloading in them there my Mother In Law stood, watching it all. I almost died of embarrassment as I dropped the messy panty and excused myself from the bedroom while uttering stupid sounding apologies. She just stared and raised her eyebrows. Soon my wife came home from work and barely through the door, Mom, holding her sticky panty proceeded to tell on me in very explicate detail as I stood there red faced apologizing. I got the scolding from both sides hearing my wife saying how my mother used to paddle my bare butt for masturbating and her mom chiming in about tanning her sons bottoms for the same thing. Wife just said "go get the hairbrush young man!!" Returning, almost breathless knowing what's to come, I was told to drop my pants and bend over the table chair and took I've no ide how many hard hits before she calmly said "your turn mom" and then came another OMG couldn't even count. Had to stay bent over that chair as they exchanged small talk and each added a few more sound swats before being sent to the corner shirt up hands at my side. Shortening this up MOM took advantage of wife's permission to paddle my butt as she saw fit and yeah, she did!!

  • HAHAHA!!!!!!!

  • My wife showed my mom my tiny c***

  • My mother-in-law has seen my p****, but could care less, enjoys seeing my red spanked bottom. If she is present when being spanked that is even better.

  • My wife prior to our marriage told me that the females in her family take charge. She also said that when husbands act like naughty little boys and they do, a male thing, they get punished like a naughty little boy, a spanking. Three months into our marriage I learned that she meant every word. I had agreed to this, so no way out. I wanted something and my wife said no, I made an issue of this in front of my mother-in-law thinking this would help. I learned quickly it did not. My wife pulled a chair from the kitchen table, told me stand before her, she scolded me like a naughty little boy and then in front of my mother-in-law pulled my pants down and told to step out of them, the did the same with my underpants. I went over her lap and was soon saying I would be good. Mother she said, get me my hairbrush, this naughty little boy needs to remember this spanking. Once the spanking was over, I was dancing and rubbing until told to stop. You will stop rubbing my wife said sternly, you will address me as Mommy, understand. I said yes Mommy. Then the shock of it all my mother-in-law took a seat in the chair and over her lap I went and the hairbrush applied ever harder than my wife.
    I promised to be good, and then the spanking stopped I was taken to the bathroom and had my mouth washed out with soap.
    Naked from the waist down I stood facing the wall, while the two talked.
    My wife then said to me go get you pajamas on, Yes Mommy and quickly did as told. Coming back to the front room in my pajamas, I was told I was going to bed early, I would be given a bath in the morning and I would call her Mommy until told otherwise.

  • I love that arrangement. You are wise to obey your wife and know that as addressing her as Mommy from now on, youWILL go across her lap more frequently from now on.

  • My mother-in-law purchased some little boy pajamas. A visit to her home she showed me and said this is what I'll be wearing when I'm a naughty little boy.
    It was a month or so later my mother-in-law dropped in and I was standing facing the wall wearing those pajamas. Looks good on your naughty little boy she said to her daughter, Yes Mother, adds to the punishment. I could not help but feel like a little boy who has been very naughty. The talked while I faced the wall, when my mother-in-law left I was told I would be wearing them the rest of the day, all I said was Yes Mommie, she had spanked me very hard and I did not want another spanking.

  • I like older men spanking me it's the same thing don't sweat it. If it's something you don't like them tell her or divorce her because at that point it's a abusive relationship,don't feel p**** getting out of that.

  • Sissy Ralphina gladly bends over for Gordy to raise her dress and lower her panties for a barebottom spanking in front of wife Deborah.

  • Sissy Ralphina needs to be spanked in front of her wife, Gordy should use his strap on her pantied f****.

  • Ralphina gets on her knees and sucks Gordy's c*** whenever he visits she enjoys her c********** duties and always swallows his c** load like a good naughty girlfriend would.

  • Sissy Ralphina wearing a dress and panties for her spankings.

  • I don't see any problem with it. I'd let my wife spank me any time she felt the need.

  • Sissy crossdresser Ralphina needs her nighty raised and her panties lowered for a belt strapping from her mother in law.

  • Sissy Ralphina crossdressed for wife's boyfriend Gordy and gets spanked and gets on her knees for c********** duties and swallows his c** load like a good naughty girl 👧 should, wife wants me to suck my father-in-law and swallow his c** Load the next time he visits.

  • Be sure your wearing your nighty and panties when you suck your father-in-law

  • Cool

  • This kind of s*** happens for sure. I dated a girl in college, she was 20, and I went to pick her up at her house (she still lived with her parents) because she didn't have a car anymore because she had just crashed it. Evidently it p***** off her parents something fierce, because I walked into the house and her dad had her bent over his lap and was spanking the h*** out of her bare ass. It scared the h*** out of me so I stepped out for a bit, but some people get spanked at any age.

  • My wife while her mother was visiting said she needed to speak to me in the bedroom, I knew what that meant and I looked at her. She closed the door and told me to undress and be quick about it and I did as told. She in the mean time got my pajamas and laid them on the bed. Dear not the pajamas I said, and she sternly looked at me and said what did you say. Mommie please not the pajamas and she smiled and said have you been a naughty little boy, Yes Mommie, but please. She opened the door and said are you ready Mother, yes dear I'm ready and with a grip on my arm led me back to the front room naked and carrying the pajamas. Over my lap my mother-in-law said sternly and I slowly did as told. You have been a very naughty little boy, Yes Mother Pam, and so your getting a spanking, Sorry Mother Pam, oh you will be once I'm done with your spanking. I danced around after she was finished and then to my shock had me seat on the toilet to pea and watched. Wipping off my p**** Mommie handed me the pajamas. I put them on and told I was going to bed early for being a naughty little boy. The next morning, I squirmed in the chair at breakfast, my mother-in-law had gone home and I looked at Mommie and said I was sorry for being a naughty little boy. She sternly said that she was not done with me. After breakfast she gave me a bath, noticed how red my bottom was and while drying me off told me I was in my jammies the rest of the day. Yes Mommie I said.

  • I need regular spankings too.

  • I too have a wife that will spank me, and a few times my mother-in-law has been present. There is nothing worse than having your wife pull down your pants, underpants, told to step out of them and your mother-in-law watching. Once over my wife lap I soon loose it and plead and beg, I kick and squirm and my wife tells me, she will decide. Once she stops she pulls me to my feet, I dance around, rubbing until told to face the wall. My mother-in-law smiles, mentions how red my bottom is, and tells her daughter she did very good.

  • Having been spanked by my mother-in-law I would suggest those who wish that to think twice. Have learned the hard way, she knows how to give and once finished will have you stand not facing the wall but in the middle of the room. She pulls down the pants and underpants and I must step out of them. So think long and hard if you want to stand in the middle of the room, all on display, have a very red and stinging bottom and not allowed to rub.

  • I would love having my wife and mother in law keeping me in line. You are lucky to have them

  • I admit I'm lucky, for I wanted a wife who would spank me, the mother-in-law was not something I thought about. What I should add is that I must call my wife Mommie if I need a spanking, and she calls me her naughty little boy, it makes me feel really small. My mother-in-law really enjoys that, and saids I do act like and look like a naughty little boy after Mommie has given a spanking. I wonder how I would react being seen naked from the waist down by my mother-in-law, I was erect, she said seen it all young man. I have mouthed off to my wife during a spanking, soap in the mouth will follow. Only one time did i make a comment to my mother-in-law while I was being spanked. I stood facing the wall, then it was my mother-in-law who took my arm and to her bedroom we went. She picked up a large hairbrush, I was soon over her lap and when she finished a total mess. Was told to take off the rest of the clothes and back to face the wall. I said Mommie, please can I rub, it really hurts. Mommie spanked my sore bottom and told me face the wall, no talking. Felt really good my mother-in-law said to her daughter. Why is he naked my wife asked, oh just thought it would be proper punishment and since he has been a naughty little boy, I think a bath would be required.
    They both bathed me, I wanted to hide. Women do not care if a male is naked, I learned this right off.

  • I was bed wetter and wet my pants as a child and was spanked for it each time. As a married adult I actually wet my pants in front of my wife and her mother. My mother in law gave me what I deserved and I wanted and needed. Barebottom paddling until I couldn't sit down for a month. Needles to say I am now a often spanked sissy cuckold.

  • I am naughty too. Spanked by wife, her mother, her sister, my mother and when needed by her uncle who has a farm and woodshed.

  • I am 15 and my sister is 14 and our parents spanks us on the bare bottom,ten after the spanking is done,a pair of toddler rubberpants that fit us very tight is put on us and we have to wear them the rest of the weekend.

  • This makes no sense.

  • I came across this post and decided to comment. We're married nine years and I spanked my husband the first time about four years ago. After meeting a woman at a large event in the city and commenting on how cooperative and well mannered her husband was she told me "we have to train them (men) for how we want them to be." She then added with a smile and a wink, "And it helps to own a good leather belt and make sure you use it once or twice a year." I laughed but I was sure she was serious. Her husband was a successful lawyer and no one that you'd think could be pushed around. I did my research and began Seeing posts like this on the net for awhile along with some websites. One thing lead to another and my husband upset me enough for me to spank him. (I'll spare the details) In four years he's been spanked soundly maybe a half dozen times. It really helps to know I have recourse or I can stop something when needed with him because he knows what can happen .

    Case in point, we were staying at a hotel for a reception and he was on the way to drinking too much since we weren't driving. I spoke to him a couple of times through out the night without much success. I told him at one point it was his last drink. When I saw him order another I went to him and told him to come with me for a minute to our room. Long story short, back in the room he was over my lap getting his bare rear blistered with a thick leather sandal. I warned, one more drink (alcohol) and it would be the strap! Shortly after we returned to the reception we were asked if we wanted drinks by someone, I said no but my husband might, He answered no. He'd learned his lesson.

    Things have worked out well for us but I took that woman's advice. Even if my husband is totally behaved within reason, I think it's a good idea to give him at least one good sound spanking per year. It keeps him on his toes. Amelia

  • My wife does the same thing to me. I get spanked over her knee in my birthday suit on my b'day, her b'day & our anniversary (at least) every year. It's usually on our living room couch. When I truly get her mad, I get a mouth soaping & put over the back of the couch for a paddling or strapping. I'm really compliant with whatever she wants afterwards. markiee

  • I would have accepted and taken the strapping.

  • Amelia do u have a woman who will spanking me in ur family I'm 28 Mward5665@gmail.com

  • Hello I happened to find this site again, saw my post and your question.
    No one in my family that I know of. Why? do you feel you'll need a wife who administers a good beating now and then? There are probably dating sites. Amelia

  • Interesting that you say that even if your husband is totally behaved, you think it's a good idea give him at least one good sound spanking per year. My girlfriend would definitely agree with you there. I think I am reasonably well behaved but we keep a paddle in the bedroom which she uses on me from time to time. The last time was a few months ago. She gave me about twenty very hard smacks alternating from cheek to cheek. I couldn't sit down for the next few hours and sitting down was still slightly uncomfortable the next day. I think it is good for our relationship that she has the right to paddle my bottom when she wants to and I would recommend other women to spank their partner.

  • Totally agree with you now. Amelia

  • I think the wife should spank the husband soundly otk at least twice /month no matter what the situation. It gives him more character.

  • I'm spanked by my wife and I have become a better person.

  • I agree I spank my husband whenever he misbehaves. He bawls like a little boy as he kicks legs over my knee

  • How can you not, my wife does not hold back with spanking me. I cry, I kick, I plead, cannot help it. The last few spankings she reminds me that a wife has to be a Mommie at times and I best call her Mommie when I'm being spanked.

  • I need to be disciplined mistress Mward5665@gmail.com

  • Dude, stop pestering people. Hire a pro.

  • Good for you for spanking your husband when he misbehaves! I think a spanking is much better than being in the dog house for hours or even days after a disagreement. What do you use when you spank him, your bare hand or a hairbrush etc?

  • My wife spanks me almost daily and I also get an erection but the spankings make my butt warm and sore. The hand spankings over her lap first on my pants then underpants and finally on bare ass last for atleast half an hour. I hate the baby type spankings which she delivers on the lower butt (sit spot) with her slightly cupped palms to make me feel warm when I sit. Also when over lap I have to keep legs in the air and not touch the feets on floor. After over the knee spankings she takes me to corner and spanks me again with her hands in standing position which is most embarassing.

  • I would like to get a bare bottom spanking if you have anybody that would be willing to do it I didn't Massachusetts any female like to spank my butt

  • I live in Massachusetts I would like to have my f**** spank I've been put in a corner diapers

  • My partner's son spanks my bare bottom in front of her often he's been doing it for a long time now she says she loves watching and hearing me scream in pain as I deserve it every time

  • Are you male or female? How old is her son?

  • Most of the time I am spanked in private but there are a few times when I was spanked in front of someone. One time her mother and sister were over and I mouthed off to her sister. My wife told me to go upstairs and she began to follow me. Her sister said we know what you're going to do because when everyone is here on holidays and you take him upstairs we hear you through the heat runs spanking him. so why don't you just spank him here. Well my wife made me strip naked and put me over her knee and paddled me. They also found out that day that she kept me in chastity because they saw it when I was naked.

  • My wife also likes to spank my ass once a week while she sits on my face. On Satturday she expects me to be waiting for her, to get home from work, naked lying on the living room floor with her paddle next to me. She undresses slowly while standing over me and then sits on my face and pulls my legs up under her arms. She proceeds to paddle my ass while I lick her p**** as fast as I can. The paddling does not stop until I bring her to o*****. If she feels that the o***** was adequate she strokes my c*** until I e******** all over my chest and face. After we were married about 2 years she invited her sister to watch my spanking and now at least once a month her sister comes by on Sat to watch and to join in, she usually paddles my ass while my wife rides my face. At first I hated it but now I look forward to her sister joining us. She usually masturbates and sucks on my c*** B-4 my wife jacks me off. But If my wife didn't have as strong an o***** as she wanted, I'm left with a woody that gets slapped until it goes soft. Life is good. Oh yea, I get to spank her bare handed once a year on her Birthday.

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