Wife Spanks Me In Front Of Her Mother

I was over my wife's mother's house and got into an argument with my wife and lost my cool. I said, "F*** you!" to my wife in front of her mother. Her mother blew up and told my wife she should spank me like her mother said she used to do to her husband, who passed away a few years ago, "to keep him in line."

I couldn't believe it. Everything became surreal with my wife's mother lecturing her about how she needed to discipline me with a hard, bare bottom spanking.

I had to laugh and said bullshit. My wife got really p***** I said another swear in front of her mother and grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me over her lap. I don't know why, but I didn't resist her. I'm a big guy and I could have easily broken her hold on me.

Next thing I knew she undid my pants and yanked my pants and underwear below my knees and began wailing on my ass like a woman possessed with her mother egging her on and enjoying the spectacle. My wife spanked me so hard my ass turned bright red and hurt like h***.

Maybe I was a p****, but I cried, and didn't give my wife any s*** the rest of the night.

Now at the slightest excuse, my wife spanks me and she has spanked me in front of her mother many times. Lately, she embarrasses me even more by telling her mother I love it and get an erection when she spanks me. She is also threatening to let her mother spank me.

Although I do get turned on when my wife spanks me and talks about having her mother spank me, I feel like a p**** for letting her dominate and spank me. I keep saying to myself no more, but when she gets mad and pulls me over her knees, I crumble and let her have her way with me. If she tells me to let her mother spank me, I'll give in to that too. I guess I've become my wife's b****.


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  • I need regular spankings too.

  • I too have a wife that will spank me, and a few times my mother-in-law has been present. There is nothing worse than having your wife pull down your pants, underpants, told to step out of them and your mother-in-law watching. Once over my wife lap I soon loose it and plead and beg, I kick and squirm and my wife tells me, she will decide. Once she stops she pulls me to my feet, I dance around, rubbing until told to face the wall. My mother-in-law smiles, mentions how red my bottom is, and tells her daughter she did very good.

  • Having been spanked by my mother-in-law I would suggest those who wish that to think twice. Have learned the hard way, she knows how to give and once finished will have you stand not facing the wall but in the middle of the room. She pulls down the pants and underpants and I must step out of them. So think long and hard if you want to stand in the middle of the room, all on display, have a very red and stinging bottom and not allowed to rub.

  • I would love having my wife and mother in law keeping me in line. You are lucky to have them

  • I admit I'm lucky, for I wanted a wife who would spank me, the mother-in-law was not something I thought about. What I should add is that I must call my wife Mommie if I need a spanking, and she calls me her naughty little boy, it makes me feel really small. My mother-in-law really enjoys that, and saids I do act like and look like a naughty little boy after Mommie has given a spanking. I wonder how I would react being seen naked from the waist down by my mother-in-law, I was erect, she said seen it all young man. I have mouthed off to my wife during a spanking, soap in the mouth will follow. Only one time did i make a comment to my mother-in-law while I was being spanked. I stood facing the wall, then it was my mother-in-law who took my arm and to her bedroom we went. She picked up a large hairbrush, I was soon over her lap and when she finished a total mess. Was told to take off the rest of the clothes and back to face the wall. I said Mommie, please can I rub, it really hurts. Mommie spanked my sore bottom and told me face the wall, no talking. Felt really good my mother-in-law said to her daughter. Why is he naked my wife asked, oh just thought it would be proper punishment and since he has been a naughty little boy, I think a bath would be required.
    They both bathed me, I wanted to hide. Women do not care if a male is naked, I learned this right off.

  • I was bed wetter and wet my pants as a child and was spanked for it each time. As a married adult I actually wet my pants in front of my wife and her mother. My mother in law gave me what I deserved and I wanted and needed. Barebottom paddling until I couldn't sit down for a month. Needles to say I am now a often spanked sissy cuckold.

  • I am 15 and my sister is 14 and our parents spanks us on the bare bottom,ten after the spanking is done,a pair of toddler rubberpants that fit us very tight is put on us and we have to wear them the rest of the weekend.

  • Ur mother in law can spank me I need to be disciplined and punished by a dominant woman who will put me over her knee for a spanking th Mward5665@gmail.com

  • I came across this post and decided to comment. We're married nine years and I spanked my husband the first time about four years ago. After meeting a woman at a large event in the city and commenting on how cooperative and well mannered her husband was she told me "we have to train them (men) for how we want them to be." She then added with a smile and a wink, "And it helps to own a good leather belt and make sure you use it once or twice a year." I laughed but I was sure she was serious. Her husband was a successful lawyer and no one that you'd think could be pushed around. I did my research and began Seeing posts like this on the net for awhile along with some websites. One thing lead to another and my husband upset me enough for me to spank him. (I'll spare the details) In four years he's been spanked soundly maybe a half dozen times. It really helps to know I have recourse or I can stop something when needed with him because he knows what can happen .

    Case in point, we were staying at a hotel for a reception and he was on the way to drinking too much since we weren't driving. I spoke to him a couple of times through out the night without much success. I told him at one point it was his last drink. When I saw him order another I went to him and told him to come with me for a minute to our room. Long story short, back in the room he was over my lap getting his bare rear blistered with a thick leather sandal. I warned, one more drink (alcohol) and it would be the strap! Shortly after we returned to the reception we were asked if we wanted drinks by someone, I said no but my husband might, He answered no. He'd learned his lesson.

    Things have worked out well for us but I took that woman's advice. Even if my husband is totally behaved within reason, I think it's a good idea to give him at least one good sound spanking per year. It keeps him on his toes. Amelia

  • I would have accepted and taken the strapping.

  • Amelia do u have a woman who will spanking me in ur family I'm 28 Mward5665@gmail.com

  • Interesting that you say that even if your husband is totally behaved, you think it's a good idea give him at least one good sound spanking per year. My girlfriend would definitely agree with you there. I think I am reasonably well behaved but we keep a paddle in the bedroom which she uses on me from time to time. The last time was a few months ago. She gave me about twenty very hard smacks alternating from cheek to cheek. I couldn't sit down for the next few hours and sitting down was still slightly uncomfortable the next day. I think it is good for our relationship that she has the right to paddle my bottom when she wants to and I would recommend other women to spank their partner.

  • I think the wife should spank the husband soundly otk at least twice /month no matter what the situation. It gives him more character.

  • I'm spanked by my wife and I have become a better person.

  • I agree I spank my husband whenever he misbehaves. He bawls like a little boy as he kicks legs over my knee

  • How can you not, my wife does not hold back with spanking me. I cry, I kick, I plead, cannot help it. The last few spankings she reminds me that a wife has to be a Mommie at times and I best call her Mommie when I'm being spanked.

  • I need to be disciplined mistress Mward5665@gmail.com

  • Good for you for spanking your husband when he misbehaves! I think a spanking is much better than being in the dog house for hours or even days after a disagreement. What do you use when you spank him, your bare hand or a hairbrush etc?

  • My wife spanks me almost daily and I also get an erection but the spankings make my butt warm and sore. The hand spankings over her lap first on my pants then underpants and finally on bare ass last for atleast half an hour. I hate the baby type spankings which she delivers on the lower butt (sit spot) with her slightly cupped palms to make me feel warm when I sit. Also when over lap I have to keep legs in the air and not touch the feets on floor. After over the knee spankings she takes me to corner and spanks me again with her hands in standing position which is most embarassing.

  • I would like to get a bare bottom spanking if you have anybody that would be willing to do it I didn't Massachusetts any female like to spank my butt

  • I live in Massachusetts I would like to have my f**** spank I've been put in a corner diapers

  • My partner's son spanks my bare bottom in front of her often he's been doing it for a long time now she says she loves watching and hearing me scream in pain as I deserve it every time

  • Are you male or female? How old is her son?

  • Most of the time I am spanked in private but there are a few times when I was spanked in front of someone. One time her mother and sister were over and I mouthed off to her sister. My wife told me to go upstairs and she began to follow me. Her sister said we know what you're going to do because when everyone is here on holidays and you take him upstairs we hear you through the heat runs spanking him. so why don't you just spank him here. Well my wife made me strip naked and put me over her knee and paddled me. They also found out that day that she kept me in chastity because they saw it when I was naked.

  • The few spankings I've received over the last five years of marriage have never been witnessed, thank goodness, and I don't think my wife would ever do that.
    SHe has taken me aside and threatened to take me over her knee while visiting my in-laws.
    She also is verbal about it at times. She's said things to others such as;
    "He's getting a good beating if he doesn't stop it.
    Obviously a little too long since I've given him (or you, if talking to me)"
    And she has said to her Mother, I needed to take him in hand the other week"
    I've also heard my Mother in Law say to her once, "has he needed a beating recently or is he behaving himself?"
    They didn't know I heard and I said nothing, it's quite embarrassing!

  • So if there are two female couples I want to be your daddy one computer Mommy I would be very bad boy spank me put me in diapers


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  • My wife also likes to spank my ass once a week while she sits on my face. On Satturday she expects me to be waiting for her, to get home from work, naked lying on the living room floor with her paddle next to me. She undresses slowly while standing over me and then sits on my face and pulls my legs up under her arms. She proceeds to paddle my ass while I lick her p**** as fast as I can. The paddling does not stop until I bring her to o*****. If she feels that the o***** was adequate she strokes my c*** until I e******** all over my chest and face. After we were married about 2 years she invited her sister to watch my spanking and now at least once a month her sister comes by on Sat to watch and to join in, she usually paddles my ass while my wife rides my face. At first I hated it but now I look forward to her sister joining us. She usually masturbates and sucks on my c*** B-4 my wife jacks me off. But If my wife didn't have as strong an o***** as she wanted, I'm left with a woody that gets slapped until it goes soft. Life is good. Oh yea, I get to spank her bare handed once a year on her Birthday.

  • My mother-in-law encouraged me to spank my wife. At the dinner table my wife was listing my inadequacies and totally oblivious to the fool she was making of herself. She was trying to get her parents to agree the way people often do when they are in a group and someone is having a b****. When she paused expecting her mom to agree with her, it was in retrospect like a soap opera. My wife looked at her mom. The mother in law paused and said nothing and turned to my father in law and after a real pregnant pause turned back and looked her daughter in the eye and said "what you need dear is a dam good spanking. You should never talk in public and disrespect your husband (me) like that." She then looked at me and said "when you get home I suggest you put her over your lap and give her what she deserves".

    Wow. If only I had done it.

  • Pity someone could let me join them

  • Imagine, your wife makes you strip naked in front of her and some of her friends. They all take turns spanking you as you dance around with an iron erection.

  • It sounds great I wish I could join in, naked and spanking what more could you want

  • Ex girlfriend's mother! All along the 5 year relationship with my ex, her mother stayed with us off and on, during that time her and I always found the chance to slap each other's butt. Here it comes, after the break up, she stayed on at my place doing the usual play until I wanted more of her ass and she wanted more of mine. Never got to take her pants off completely but it was enough. Sweet! Then it was her turn. I had to wear bikini style men's underware then present my ass to her by backing up to her on my knees and elbows. When I heard "right there," I knew to brace myself. She spanked hard and enjoyed it. I knew this because she would stop to rub my ass and pull back my underware to check for redness. She pulled my underwear into my crack like a wedgie and spanked me some more. What a rush! We played like that all the time. Lol, it made me so mad because I could not get her to ease up about the age difference. I wanted to stay together! I moved on and then I met up with my current girlfriend who I spank a little but I want her to spank me. I finally aproached her about it today and she said not now but let me warm up to it now that I know you want it. I agreed butt I'll keep the butty language going to tempt her.

  • Ex girlfriend, she has an a.. that begs to be spanked! Her preferred position was knees and elbows. I always spanked her by hand. I spanked her bare butt for as long as I wanted and as hard as I wanted! It was truly fantastic! Most of the time I lightly squatted down on her so I could use both hands available for both cheeks. Strange woman, not one sound out of her. I spanked for an hour and no sound and no protests. Then I started noticing her dripping during the spankings, I could spank her three times a day and it did not matter. Saddly after five years we broke up over finances. Too bad, she even spanked me if I asked. Oh but she could use a wooden spoon that hurt terribly and left marks. Perfect! I felt it for days! Oh well, maybe I will get lucky again.

  • My first wife use to order me into "my position." This ment stripping, lying on my back and tucking my knees into my chest while she sat down on me and spanked me until she got off to get what ever she wanted to try and got back on me for more. I have got to say I enjoyed her having total control over my ass. Total submittion.

  • I spank my hubby weekly by saying assume the position. He gets nude from the waist down, goes across a desk and I use a bath brush in him I spankings him until I c**

  • Excellent

  • I just wanted to add the embarrassing part. She had two other women over on a regular basis and one day it happend, I think they had it planned.. My wife was spanking me with music turned up, then I thought I heard a sound but I learned to ignore it because we had a dog. Suddenly my ass is getting spanked faster and from different directions. I thought what the H...! She invited her friends over! It seemed to me it went on forever but it must have been an hour or so. During this time they rotated around taking turns at sitting on me. My advice should you need it is do not fight it if you are. I finally divorced my wife after 20 years of this. She even showed off spanking me to her parents! Too crazy for me after a while. But yes, I miss it now!

  • Husband needs spanked; I married my wife 6 years ago and every thing went fine for about a month then one evening we got into a argument. I belittled my wife big time till she was in tears. Well I went out side and started to drink beer feel proud of my self thinking how I showed her who wears the pants. I heard someone come from inside the house but didn,t bother looking when suddenly I felt a painful tug on my ear. Here I was being drug across the porch getting a serious scolding from my mother on how I should talk to my wife and how I was going to learn a lesson. I was completely shocked as mom dragged helplessly otk taking my pants down baring my bottom. As I lay there pinned over her knee I could see my wife in awe as my mother prepared me a ell deserved spanking. I started to plead as my mom told we what a crued and mean little boy I was and when they were done with me I would certainly have a new outlook. Then smack and I felt the sting of her spencer paddle. That was the start of my much needed spanking by my 22 year old bottom. Mom scolded me as I could feel tears running down my face knowing my stinging bottom was bright red. suddenly the spanking stopped but mom held on to me as she had my wife take her place. She handed her the paddle and told her that her tears were all done but my mine weren't. Well my wife continued with my spanking as I bounced on her knee promising never to actlike that again. As I limped into the house my wife took to a corner and told I would be spanked when ever I was naughty and just to plan for one soon. She has been wearing the pants ever since and I the dresses. Robin

  • I used to spank my ex girlfriend when she got feisty and as I lived in a ground floor mews flat with just wood effect window blinds I would leave them slightly open so if one wanted they could peep in,had a note put through the door asking me to be kind and leave them open just a bit wider,few nights later as I spanked her hard and fingered bum-hole and p**** I glanced towards the window to see two guys and a girl with thumbs up and the guys wanking furiously,told my girl and she just happened to "c**" imiediatly

  • Love it, wish my wife would spank me, she could spank me anywhere she wants, I will be a p****

  • While growing up my mother would spank my sister and I usually over our panties, but sometimes on our bare cheeks. When I got married she told me to spank my new husband if he needed it. I didn't because I didn't know how to talk about it. Recently he and I had words while at my mom's place. She said I should spank him. I objected and was told spank him now or I'll spank you. She got a hairbrush. Remembering the spankings I got I told him to lean over. Mom said lean over the chair. She said take his pants down or I'll spank you. He objected but said ok when I begged him because I didn't want to be spanked. As I spanked him I began to get wet. It was surprising and enjoyable. Now he's spanked regularly

  • I had a very similar experience. We had an argument and my mother placed a belt on a chair. She said spank him or I spank you. I remembered those strapping sand began to cry begging my husband to let me spank him. I guess he felt sorry and agreed. As told he stripped from the waist down and bent over the couch. As I began with the belt my mother yelled give him a good spanking or you'll get it. I began to hit him as hard as I could. The sound of the belt and the sight of his red and welded rear was a big turn on.

  • Please spank me

  • I wish I had wife that would spank like that

  • Getting spanked by your wife doesn't make you a p***y. Never forget, it takes a real man to submit.

  • LOL - and you really expect people to believe this story? LOL

  • So weak

  • One of my neighbors told me his story. He married young and his mother continued to spank him. Later his wife's mother spanked him some times. Then his sisters and sisters-in-law. Then their daughters. His wife never did spank him -- she just notifed his spanker to spank him again when she thought he deserved to be spanked again.

  • Oh all I want to hear is Darling fetch my cane we have lots of ladies you have to attend to

  • Lucky man all I want is my wife to cane me for all ladies to watch

  • If you get an erection you are obviously turned on by the whole thing. That is great I am sure it still hurts though and us therefore a punishment. I would love to hear if your MIL ever goes ahead and spanks you.

  • On my 50th birthday, my mother-in-law went out to dinner with us. We had too much wine and walked home (the restaurant is within our neighborhood) for some cake & champagne. As my mil closed the door on her way out, my wife started stripping me & pulled me into our living room as she sat down on the couch telling me their was 1 more b'day present she needed to give me & in 1 quick motion had me over her knee for 51 spanks. About 10 into it the door opened & in walked my mil (she forgot her keys), and froze as she took in the seen before her. I tried getting up but my wife held me down, saying it's too late to coverup as she already saw me getting my b'day spanking.
    Her mom started laughing and sayings too wanted to wish me a happy b'day and over her knee I went, boy could she spank. She asked my wife if their were any other b'day traditions we observed?
    Just 1 more, at this point I flip him over and blow his candle out, and with that I was flipped. My wife said I also like my nipples bitten and sucked on. My mil did that while my wife went down on me, & just before I lost control, took her head off as I shot a foot into the air. Now 10 years later both have their way with me whenever they want. markiee

  • I really need a woman to smack my bare bottom you are very lucky

  • Wife spanks me but it just 2times with her hand

  • Lucky I wish my wife would

  • I wish my my wife would cane me so her sister and female friends could watch
    Sorry no pics

  • Me too imagine naked ladies but you can't touch them

  • How do you really feel?

  • Sorry dude but you're a c*nt. maybe if you tug on your nads really hard they'll drop

  • You are a disgrace to the human race. Why don't you grow a pair, and man up.

  • U need a spanking

  • Such manlets. A woman that spanked me would be at the bottom of a lake. I think most of you guys are c*** sucking faggots.

  • I think you are the f*****.

  • My wife spanks me. It's not punishment but it turns her on. A while back her mother walked in while I was bent across a table with very red cheeks. It was embarrassing. She left and told my wife to call her next time.
    A few days later I was again over the table and her mother came in. She asked my wife if she could paddle me. I was made to put on a pair of panties and again bent over the table. Her mother took a hairbrush and really began the spanking. It hurt and it was embarrassing. She would stop occasionally and insert an enema nozzle into me. Both laughed as I squirmed. No she is at most of our spanking sessions and wants my wife to give me an enema before being spanked. I hope they don't do itU

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • I have spanked my husband. With my older sister present and she has seen me give him an enema.

  • Try giving him a b******* instead of an ENEMA?

  • As the sister, it’s a turn on

  • My wife spanks me if she catches me wearing smelly underpants, which isn't often, she bends me over a chair takes my trousers down then the dirty pee stained underpants and smacks my bum really hard until I have tears in my eyes.

  • I have to wear my wife's knickers to work

  • They finally did give me an enema. That's humiliating. Asking to go to the bathroom is just as bad. Can it get any worse?

  • My mother in law caught me slapping my rod by my swim pool. She says she wont tell my wife if I do as she asks. Now she has me perform at her girls night parties. Every Wednesday I sit on a piece of sand paper on my stool exhibiting my rod for their amusement. They tease my c*** all night. They like to wear sexy lingerie and take turns slapping and rubbing my flip flopper. Usually they let me have a happy ending by my own hand... but mom squirts on the astroglide.

  • Flip flopper?! Ha ha ha you loon!

  • My wife caught me jacking... ended up asking my mom what to do. g******... my mom used to spank my erections until they subsided when i was a teenager. now my wife and my mother have kept me in total chastity for 5 yrs. my leather and steel belt is impossible. they remove it for monthly shaving and hardon reduction. they use icepacks and wooden spatulas to ping pong stingers. i have to eat whatever i leak... g******. i have had a few accidents which turned out to be much tastier than i anticipated. they told me they would allow me an unrestricted j****** for our next session on one condition... i must do it in front of her mother. apparently they told her about my problem and she absolutely loved the idea of her participation. g******!

  • My wife is a big, strong, athletic dominate woman. I received my first bare bottomed spanking from her on our wedding night. She showered first, then I did, and she caught me coming out of the bathroom, grabbed me by my handle and walked me over to the hotel bed. She (6'2" 190 lbs.) sat down and stroked me before turning me (5'10" 165 lbs.) over her knee and started to give me a hand spanking. Then their was a knock at the door "housekeeping" to which my wife responded "come in". In walked the housekeeper carrying extra towels. She stopped in her tracks as she took in the sight before her. Oh.. sorry for the intrusion I thought you said to come in, I'll just leave these for you. It's okay, I did Miss. Can you please put them in the bathroom for me I'm a little busy right now. Sure. When she came out my wife started a conversation with her, the whole time not missing a beat. This is our wedding night and I wanted to lay some ground rules down for my husband so he would know what to expect from me if he disappoints me, or talks back to me.
    After she left my wife put me on my back on the bed and told me to pat homage to her bottom by kissing and biting it. Then she mounted me in a 69 position to our mutual satisfaction. markiee

  • As I am in a similar situation I can sense that you like
    what it is going on. The next time your wife spanks you,
    you need to summon up the courage to ask your mother-in-law to also spank you. One day on the way to her mother's house my girlfriend informed me that I was going to ask her mother to spank me. The embarrassment was amazing. Her younger sister and brother were present.I was kneeling on a throw rug in the den in my birthday suit, hands behind my head, telling her mother that it would be an honor and a privilege to go over her lap. OMG! Her daughter knows nothing about spanking a guy! I was pleading and crying before my
    girlfriend counted off 100. After 125 with the hairbrush her mother sent me to corner. After about 5 minutes in
    the corner her brother came up to me and told me that
    knowing his mother she had just started in on me. Boy, was he right!

  • Oh my wife is also a dominating women and keeps spanking me almost daily but always in isolation. I always get the spankings on my bare ass over her knees before going to bed for all the naughty things I do in the day time. The next day I feel a warm sensation in my ass whenever I sit in office because she spanks mostly on the sit spot i.e, the lower side of the buttocks. I do admit honestly that my p**** gets erect after the spankings which she notices but makes no comment and just smiles. Sometimes she undressess comletely and puts me over her lap for a long & slow spanking session and her hands never tire. We then make love for atleast 5-6 hours.

  • Last night my wife caught me masturbating and spanked me with her hands on my sit spot for being naughty boy. I liked the spankings from her as I got hard after the spankings and she laughed at this.

  • Good fun

  • My wife spankes me too and did so when she caught me masturbating. The next day she showed me an order of a chastity device witch I´m now wearing 24/7/365. So now she wont have to spank me for that, but a lot of other reasons!

  • My wife spank with high heel while jerking me off with the other one

  • My wife whips my ass with a single sole high heel shoes while i kneel on the bed.then takes second shoe between my legs and slides it up and down my c*** while still spanking me until I can in her high heeled shoes.

  • My wife beats me with a high heel until I have welts makes me c** in her shoe then makes me eat my c**

  • My wife caught me jerking off with her new peep toe slingback high heels and got mad and made me get over her knee and began to beat me with those same heels.When she felt my d*** getting harder in between her legs she beat me into tears with said heels.Then made me stand in front of her and stick my d*** in peep toe and f*** her heels until I came grabbed me by my hair and shuffled her shoe in my mouth and made me eat every drop of c**.i obeyed every command .

  • I have been caught wanking as well, my wife went mad pulled up by my ear put me over her knee pulled my trousers and underpants down and used a belt on my bottom.

  • Good well done

  • I like a belt spanking. mmmmmmmmmm hard now.

  • Mmmm yes the belt

  • My wife came into the bedroom I never heard her, she caught me wanking with a pair of her dirty, smelly, yellow stained knickers my nose was right on the stinking gusset, she went mad grabbed my ear hard pulled me up dirty knickers still over my head bent me over a chair my underpants were all ready around my knees she the spanked my bare bottom until I was purple and yelling, she kept shouting you dirty pervert smelling my dirty knickers I would you like it if I smelled your pee stained dirty underpants.

  • Mmmmmm yes

  • My wife always spanks on the sit spot so that i remember the spankings next day while sitting in office.

  • Its called divorce. find someone who respects you.

  • My wife has always kept me in line with a good spanking when she thinks it is necessary. It is never done in public it is just between her and me. It is always on the bare bottom and hurts like h***. I am usually made to lye face down on the bed over her knee. She then spanks me with her bare hand. If the sun is serious she will use a hair brush. Once she caught me cheating on her and used the cane. It saves a lot if arguments and unpleasantness it is dealt with that night and once I gave been punished it is forgotten. It is great for our relationship.

  • I couldnt agree more that it savs a lot of unpleasantness.

  • My wife spanked me with her hair brush on our third date. She said I took too long to call her after our second date, so as I was so much careless, she would take the lead on our relationship, starting today. So, after the movie, we would go to her place, and she would punish me properly. And she also said that it would happen every time I misbehaved.
    It was a dream coming true! I was always submissive with my girlfriends, but she was the only one who notice. I couldn't pay attention to the movie, I culd only think about her promisse.
    When we got at her place, she told me to strip and kneel at the side of her sofa and wait for her. I did as she told me, and after a while, she came back wearing black panties and bra, on her barefoot (she must have noticed the bulge on my pants, when I saw her wearing her black leather tong sandal).
    She said: "As you've been such a bad boy, I'll spank you over the knee with my hair brush. As it will be your first time with me, Ill give you only 50 strokes. Now get your naughty as over here now!"
    Since then, I've been her devoted slave, and she lives like a princess, and when I come back from work, I strip and kneel in front of her, waiting to serve her. And we made a dungeon on our basement too. That's where she punishes me, she also have a cage, where she chains me and leave me to sleep there when she thinks I deserve to.
    So, my marriage is like heaven to me.
    So submit to your wife and enjoy it. Beg for her to use another implements, like a whip, paddles, you name it! Each one will leave a diferent mark and sensation.

  • Mmmm i am so had

  • I once had a girlfriend who got really angry with me because I was too much of a gentleman and too shy. She got frustrated and tired of waiting for me to "make a move";whenever I visited her apartment. She would come on to me but I was too stupid to pick-up the signals. I guess I was afraid to scare her off or disrespect her? Finally she let me have it good ,one night. She called me a wimp& a scared little boy& said if that how I wanted to act,she wouldgive me what I deserved. She asked if I wanted to continue seeing her-of course I did. Then you'll have to be punished;for keeping me waiting;for you to start acting like a man? She ordered me to strip naked,stand there and wait for her. I thought wow! I guess we are finally going to have s**- she wants it? She came out of her bedroom with a hairbrush. She sat down on the couch and told me flat out that since I"ve been acting so foolish and was a very bad boy- she was going to put me across her knees and give me a good spanking! Over I went and she didn't waste any time or hold back- she just proceeded to really blister my bare behind. I was crying when she stopped & she rose up,grabbed me by my genitals and said"Come with me boy!"She dragged me into the bedroom,undressed and ordered me to slip down her panties and eat her ;as she spread her legs. she held my head down there until she got just what she wanted-beautiful release. In short, I became her well-spanked s**-slave,over the next several months until we finally broke-up and she moved to another state. It was one h*** ,of a ride and quite an experience for me?Those memories will stay with me for ever. I'm married now,years later and yes, when I misbehave it's the old "pants-down,across my wife's knee" for a good dose of the hairbrush? She made me tell her about my ex-g.f.and thought it was an excellent idea to discipline me when I misbehaved or disobeyed. But the s** is still fantastic. A strange but lucky life?

  • You are not alone but my mother in law was the one who started the spanking. I have zero interest in her sexually . She is really big, bigger than me and pretty unattractive. It started when we were really young and beleive me it was meant as punishment not to be exciting. My wife warned me but I really didn't take her threats seriously. She was so strong and so angry when she got a hold of me I was overpowered. My wife wasn't surprised and kind of enjoyed the spectacle . My mother in law is too old now for that but my wife isn't

  • I get spanked also by both my wife and mother in law.and i love it too. it started when my mother in law caught me reading a spanking mag. she called my wife who was in the next room and showed it to her. she was furious and my mother in law suggested i should receive a spanking to see what it felt like i felt too embarrased to say no so i was ordered upstairs told to take off my trousers an underwear and kneel on the bed.iwas expecting a hand spank but when they entered the room they had a hair brush. they took it in turns to spank me turning my backside into a raging fire.it has now become a regular occurence and my mother in law comes round at the drop of a hat.i found out later that she used to spank her husband too. my wife gets very excited and our s** life has improved and she now reads my spanking mags with me.

  • I am spanked wearing my wife's panties. I always c** in them before she is done. I love it. I am going to get one tonight.

  • Same with me,but i have to lick the c** out of her panties.

  • I have to wear panties, which i love for my spankings, My wife can really turn my butt cheeks red, I love it. She makes me eat her after until she gets hers twice. Sometimes she rides my erection. It is so hot.

  • I we are married 14 yrs and I began spanking my husband about 4 yrs ago. It's usually an erotic spanking. When he needs to be punished, I leave panties for him to wear to work. When he comes home I am waiting with a girlfriend or my sister. He hates this. We make him take of his pants but remain in panties. Later he must bend over the couch in his panties for the spanking. Of course we take his panties down during the spanking. He is always very embarrassed. My sister likes to insert a d**** into him after the spanking. He has to keep it in or be spanked again. She tells him hold it in or you Will be holding an enema in. He always manages to keep it in. I hope it slips out one day. I'd like to See him get an enema

  • Has it slipped out yet

  • Yes it did!

  • Have you received the enema yet?

  • Yes I have. It's very humiliating.

  • My wife doesn't enema me but she does shove a d**** up my bottom after she's given me an hard spanking, she wanks my prostate with it I come so much s**** and there is no touching my willie.

  • I have. They enjoyed my embarrassment. Now they doing about every 5-6 weeks. Kneeling on all fours while they administer it is horrible. They talk and laugh as if nothing is going on.

  • Yes. It's humiliating to be squirming trying to keep it in and having to ask to go to the bathroom. Then they put a diaper on me in case I leak.

  • It's bad enough that you get a d**** shoved up your ass,but when they make you clean off the d**** with your mouth, either suck on it or get one h*** of a spanking,you know which one i prefer.

  • Thanks for your confession i have been trying to broach this subject with my wife for some time and i showed her your letter to test the water so to speak she was very interested and kept asking me questions about s&m and the like. we have a dog so of course we have a collar and lead,she wanted to see me wearing it when i am naked so i think i may be onto a winner thanks a lot

  • You're not alone. My wife spanks me too. Nobody else knows at least as far as I know. My wife chosen implement is the Walmart Bath Brush and it really packs a wallop. We've been married 29 years and I've been getting spanked since the begining. WHen my kids moved out a few years ago, now it's real domestic discipline... AND I LOVE IT!
    In our house just a hint of disobedience and I'm OTK or over the bed getting a thrashing. It hurts like h*** when it happens but felling that warm glow later makes me feel warm all over and I know Im loved. Best to you and your sapnking wife.

  • You can't beat a good ass whipping with your erection between her legs,WOW.

  • Reading this makes me so h****. I need a good spanking.

  • I need a good one.

  • My wife spanks me and she always gets an o***** doing it. Now I love and sometime i do to.

  • I surprised my husband with a birthday spanking. When I saw his erection I knew there'd me more spankings for him. I like to lean him over the back of a chair or across a table and use a hairbrush. I start with his undies on and make him lower them during the spanking. Then he gets corner time. My mother came in once and saw him. She asked what this was so I told her he had just been spanked. I think she wants to watch. If she asks I'll agree

  • Has she watched

  • Yes

  • I want you to spank me.

  • I need a good spanking

  • Every time my mother comes over I get spanked. She makes me undress and lay naked over her knees. She really like it. She usually gets off during the spanking. She user her hand nd also a hairbrush. Once she used my belt. That really hurt.

  • My girlfriend strips me naked and spanks me with any thing she picks up and started to let her son cane me, to be honest I do shed tears afterwards

  • She has asked to watch and told me she spanked her husband. When she came over last week, my husband was in a polo shirt and panties. He stretched over a table when he was told. I figured the panties were embarrassing enough so I let him keep them on. When I asked my mother if she wanted to spank him she agreed. She took the hairbrush, told him to stand up and made him drop the panties, then he went over the table again and she gave him a great spanking.

  • Last week was my husband's 55 th birthday. We always give each other a birthday spanking. He was bent over a chair nude from the waist down. His hand were secured to the legs of the chair. When I began to spank him I told him keep your legs spread or we will start over again. As I began I told him I had a big birthday surprise for him. In came my sister and a neighbor. He instantly closed his legs. Spread them I said and we start over. They laughed and secured his legs. Then we all spanked his honey. When we finished I inserted an enema hose and told him if it came out he'd get an enema. Sadly it didn't come out. I was hoping it would

  • I am the sister. I've seen him spanked and it's hot, hot, hot. I was getting damp. When she let me put the enema nozzle/hose in him I came in my panties. Seeing himjerk when I put it in was too much. Hope she gives him an enema while I'm present, or, even better, let's me give it to him.

  • My wish came true. She gave him an enema after his spanking. He begged her not to do it or at least make me leave. She smiled and said we are all dressed andvyoure not so get ready. The moans he made getting it got me so hot.

  • That must been a great party wish my wife would do that

  • Cane my sorry A*** love to see your t*** swing

  • Jolly good

  • My wife and i have been married for ten yrs and for most of that time we have enjoyed a good s** life, we play s** games, ie misstress and slave.i have always fantasised about being dominated by a woman and have found the perfect partner. she always instigates it and has made me turn our cellar into a dungeon equipped with various implements of discipline which she has bought over a period of time. i am often taken down there naked and with a dog collar and lead attached,she then straps me down over a table and uses various implements on me such as a leather belt and riding crop which really stings but i still enjoy it.i get excited when i see her dressed in her shiny pvc uniform and her high heeled boots which i am allowed to lick after my punishment. pure heaven. i look forward to our next session

  • You should start tapping the mother in law. Tell your wife it's t** for tat. I mean, damn, if she's enjoying seeing your bare bottom smaacked, you're almost in her pants. Ease into it by asking if you can return the favor and spank your mother in law. It would be so hot tapping a mother and daughter.

  • You are a p****. You should man up and spank their a****!

  • Not to worry, I also got hard just reading this. Enjoy it. And let the mother do you too :)

  • I enjoy spanking my husband erotically. I give him panties to wear the morning of a spanking so he can think about it all day. When he comes home he can wear only a tshirt and the panties. Later I have him bend over a chair and I spank him with a bath brush. Love watching his cheeks clench and unclench. After he's very very red we enjoy great s**

  • I’ve always spanked my husband privately. Usually he’s in panties. Sometimes he’s across my knees. I like this since I can easily finger him. Other times he’s over a dresser. I spank him with a paddle, then make him take off his panties and spank him again. A few months ago my mother came in unexpectedly as I was spanking him. She laughed and said keep on. I did. I have her come over sometimes on spanking night. He strips to his panties and assumed the position. He’s more embarrassed being seen in panties so we start that way. Eventually thecpanties come down but the spanking continues.

  • My wife makes me wear panties and she spanks me wearing them. I love it to.

  • I spank my husband but never thought of the panty idea. I'll definitely try it with him. Thanks

  • Peg him

  • It increases the embarrassment.

  • Panties are embarrassing. He really doesn't like wearing them. Two of my friends know I keep him in panties. When they ask to see, he drops his pants for the girls or else.

    I am going to try the enema idea

  • But the most embarrassing thing ( for me anyway) is going over her knee like a little boy and then corner time. Bending over a chair wouldn't cut it!

  • I've tried the enema. Wow, what fun for me. He moans as it's going in than I love watching him clench his cheeks to hold it in.

  • I first saw my husband given several enemas in a hospital where he was forvoutpatient tests. I wanted to leave but the nurse said stay, you're married. I was glad I stayed. I got very wet panties seeing the nozzle go into him and watching him try to hold it and ask to go to the bathroom. Now we do it at home.

  • We began the sane way. I watched a nurse and an aide put him in stirrups. That was exciting. Then his enemas began. It was hot. Each time I came back from the bathroom, I got damp watching him being put back in stirrups. After his 3rd or 4th enema, he dripped a little. The aide then put something in him so he wouldn’t leak. He groaned as it went in and I got my panties all wet..

  • Did you let your friends see him get the enema?

  • Yes I have. One of my friends went to grammar school and high school with him. He's extremely embarrassed when I spank him or give him an enema when she's around.

  • Of course. We put him on his back. They held his legs apart and up while I inserted the nozzle. Each one of us gave him an enema. He was so humiliated

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