Maybe I will

I am married and have a beautiful son...Life sems great, but my ex and I have been talking about having sexual encounters...I am starting to think I have have them both, My great husband and life, and somthing extra on the side...Aint that a B****...You never think when you get married that you would want to have s** with someone else, But it has nothing to do with Love.
He is also married with a child, we have always had a strange connection, even though we dated over 12 years ago, he has always been a friend to me, and the sick thing is he grew up with my husband...
I am by no means a s***, nor have I ever even come close to being unfaithful...The more I try to ignore the URGE, the worse the urge becomes...I dont want this to ever effect our lives, I know anyone who views this will say I am a Tramp, W****, S***...But I have been striving to be perfect my whole life, I have lived my whole life for everyone else, Have never done anything that I have done soley for me...This I feel is my chance to let loose, and Do something I want to do...I have made a vow to stay with my husband forever, Nothing will ever change that, nor will anyone ever change that...
Who ever reads this can think what ever they want...But we all want something...maybe what I want some would say is wrong, But I am the one who has to live with the decision I make everyday.
Maybe it will never happen... but I want to live this fantasy...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • thats why its a fantasy keep it that way if u can u have too much to lose and i think the guilt would eat u up worse than not fulfilling it

  • ^ WTF? "lowest form of life on earth"?!?
    LOL Sounds like somebody couldn't keep his wife happy.

  • I'm a male, and if I was ever humiliated in this way, I would murder you, and him. Females don't understand what infidelity does to man especially when its made public. The social consequences are immense. The big strong man becomes something to be pitied, a pathetic shell of a man that his friends look at and say "I'm glad that's not me.". He for a time loses peoples respect, and that is huge for any man. Would you want to do this to your husband? Because more often than not this s*** comes out, a drunken phone call, what have you. I have these opinions because I've had friends in your husband's position. What's worse is when you as a friend knows whats going on but can't say a word, because of lack of evidence or because people generally don't want to get involved in other people's business. A cloud falls over everyone that knows, and they think the cheater is the lowest form of life on earth, and the confident, intelligent, witty man, is a poor sap - it's depressing because whenever he's around people just think about the f***** up situation. Seriously consider the ramifications of your actions. Do you want to destroy your reputation? your husband? your family?

  • ^ LOL So, YOU were the s*** and you're calling the OP one.

  • You can lie to your self and make all the excuses you want. in the end you'll ruin your life, f up your kids and still be the s*** !!! your husband you say you care so much about will hate you and never forget or forgive you. I know from experience !

  • nah
    i dont know i woulnt tell you to go cheat
    but i wouldnt tell you not to do it....

  • I think its very healthy that you know the difference between love and l***.
    If you decide to persue this, just be very cautious. You both have everything to lose.

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