I'm A Good Girl But....

A satanic s*** (or at least I feel like it). All I can ever thing about is pleasing a nice big c***. Just licking the tip, making it twitch before he blows out a huge load. Hehe, makes you wonder huh? Have I always been like this? Tbh, I have. Ever since I was young I always wanted to have s**. I always hung around guys (not for s**), let them fondle my ass and touch my body. H*** I even made out with a few guys while I jerked em off. It was fun but now I want the real deal.....
One minute I'm all cute and innocent n s*** next minute I'm a little s*** that NEEDS c***. I love being freaky, gives me a reason to smile. I love getting choked h*** I even choke myself for fun. Spankings, getting watched by men, being worshipped and handled like a prize but being broken like a b**** who cries. Uh, the life....

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  • Hmm, idk.... I went to a swingers party a couple of Saturday nights ago with my bf. It was my idea. i thought i needed more of a different c*ock that's why we went. I was with my gf's husband and my bf was with her. I told him I needed it hard, deep and I wanted freaky stuff as you describe. The b@stard blue a load of hot sp*unk up my c*nt in about 3 seconds flat. It may have been less than 3 seconds, I was left so f*cking frustrated and h*rny that I rolled over and I had a cigarette. Then I got into the same bed as my bf was f*ucking his wife. I literally threw her off his c*ck and demanded the f*ucking of my life from my bf. Why the f*ck did I bother, only my bf can make me c*m multiple times.?

  • Oh wow u would love sitting on this 8half shaft. In my truck lol

  • This looks like Penthouse Letters magazine.

  • I bet you like black c*** don’t you!

  • Hehe you got me

  • Why would you worry about being a s***? S**** are great! S**** are the best! I love s****! I want to marry a s***! S**** RULE!

  • You are so NOT a s***. You're just a woman who needs more sexual attention than others and who cannot possibly be satisfied by just one man. There are lots of us out here. Join the club!

  • I am a good girl myself but there is no way I feel the way you do. I find this pretty disgusting.

    But I can't judge you. I guess, "good girls" have different definitions.

  • I know what you mean about the twitch. I love that twitch just before they give you the nut. That twitch is true, true, true love. It's the man's heart telling you he's in love with you.

  • ...^shes right^........the twitch tells everything..................

  • Totally! When I feel that twitch starting, I know he's mine!

  • My wife is exactly the same as you. We've been married 11 yrs and though I have never got used to her extracurricular activities (it hurts every time she goes out on a date, or comes home late when I don't know where she's been), I can say that I love her and I want what's best for her, and I know all of it makes her happy. She loves black men most of all, and she loves r****** them.

  • I want my white wife to f*** a big black c***, she’s afraid that she can’t handle one though. I keep trying to convince her that she can. She has the want to do it, I just can’t get her to go through with it. I’ve told her that I just want to eat her cream pie. Really enjoy watching a black c*** inside of a white c***, I don’t want anything to do with the guy though.

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