Would love to know

To hold you close to have you near
To have my breath against your ear
I rehearse the words I long to say
Everyday I dream this way.
Nothing is possible all a far way cry
It will only be like this as long we write
The day the ink will refuse to flow
Our heart will stop feeling love's glow
We won't move a stone far is mountain
It's all poetic luxury creativity only gain
We do love each other like insane
If only we had a bit of strength...
We sacrifice our moments n cuddle strife
But are we really happy staying away in life.
There is nothing wrong to share a laughter
We won't be hanged for being together.
Both matured we know how to handle things
But all we lack is courage and zeal.
We have ruined our peace yet hunger remains
Everyday we burn feel the pain.
We are actors playing our part
Inside everything breaking staying apart.
I ask you don't you really want to become real
Can't I be your want on any given moment.

Oct 14, 2016

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  • Sigh that is si beautiful! I totally understand this feeling, quite a situation :(

  • That's lovely!

  • :):)

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