My best childhood friend died yesterday morning

Bobby was suffering from depression and it may have started when he was a teenager. He started doing and saying weird things and he dropped out of high school. He couldn't keep a job even though he was a fairly decent mechanic.

As he grew older he didn't even try to work. He had shoulder separation and he went on partial disability and later on permanent disability for diabetes. He would often complain about his life and he said he wished he would die. He actually tried to commit suicide by taking an entire bottle of valium. He was forced to spend six weeks in the mental portion of the VA hospital on two occasions.

He smoked pot and tobacco until he finally passed away.

Bobby could have had a decent life. His first wife was gorgeous and his child was as cute as a small girl can be. Instead of supporting his family he chose to ride around with a floozy of a girl behind him on his motorcycle. He was very selfish. He acted like he was the victim when his wife understandably left him.

Being the person that he was he was either unwilling or unable to pay child support and he was arrested for non-support but apparently, the legal consensus of opinion is that you couldn't squeeze blood out of a turnip. His ex-wife is why he left Georgia and went to live in SC.

I hate to say the above but its true. What has always intrigued me is the fact that not only did his family stick with him they blamed his ex-wife. There is not much you can do when it comes to a person with his problems. He was a good childhood friend but after he hit puberty things went downhill fast.

I wish I could have helped him but he was satisfied with himself the way he was. Nothing was his fault it was always someone else's.



Oct 15, 2016

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  • Me too :(

  • Sad to hear of such things.

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