Has anyone here ever just given up on somebody?

My ex-wife had bad temper spells. Would she say things like she thinks your grandmother should hurry up and die or she was ashamed of your parents?

My ex-wife said those things. She also told me that I had taken her away form so man she really loved.

Ok, she said these things because she had weird periods which made her bipolar. She spent money like crazy and ran up two credit cards to the max and was working on a third card.

I gave up on her one day when she told me how much she hated my best friend and his daughter. She imitated the little girl's overbite and imitated my friends bad limp. I shoved her and she screamed "I hate your G****** family"

I left her even though she begged me to stay and I divorced her. I told her to find another man.

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  • Yes, if someone is toxic and unwilling to change, I think you have to. You have to take care of yourself, and that is ok. You are ultimately responsible for your own happiness and a lot of that stems from the people you choose to surround you and support. It's not always an easy choice, but sometimes it's necessary. If completely walking away is not an option (could be a co parent, business partner, etc)..maybe creating better and stronger boundaries is needed to protect you.

  • Why don't more guys have b****? Oh because you got them all! Good for you for getting out.

  • I gave up on my wife of 3 Years marriage and 7 plus years of dating. Her adittude was uncontrollable. Beautiful woman but her defect was adittude did what she wanted never took me into consideration I loved that woman but I hated her so much. She had the biggest mouth always back talked when I talked nicely and respectfully she’d emberras me in public eventually I got tired and just left the house I still remember packed a bag loaded my truck and said I was leaving for work out of town. I never came back. I filed a divorce let her keep the house and cars because that’s all she cared for.eventually you get tired of people and then you give up on them

  • Yes I had one of those, pretty 5' tall and 4' of mouth.

  • Yup I fired my wife after 17 years of her behavior. She blackmailed me with my kids to stay the final 3 years. I called her bluff and out the door I went. In the end I raised my kids.

  • Feel bad doing it, but..Yes. As in, this past week. Been helping a female friend in real need and bad situation (she's been living in her SUV for months, no job, and bunch of other problems), money-wise, food, and my time. She has options, but at this point, is so used to being alone and told no from most people that she's beaten down and angry at the world, even myself. Told me I haven't done s*** for her, then brings up a few things and says "Big deal, gas a few times and takeout"..P***** me off.

    I went off on her, reminding her of all I'd done vs. the all of nothing others have, that she had options as to where to live but just didn't take them, and, my best to her..She's like the girl who cried wolf; Eventually, the townspeople (me and anyone else she's repeatedly asked for help) stop listening. I find her ungrateful and a user, probably scammer, so..Cut her off and give up. Let some other idiot pay her way while she takes immediate but refuses real, long term help..

  • Makes sense I don't believe in fixer upper relation ships. A friend of mine dated a bipolar woman and no matter what he did it always tuned nasty, violent against him a few times. Last time he saw her was when he literally ran for the door from her place, had the locks changes on his house just to sleep easy and so he wouldn't have to ask her for the key and get a screaming banshee in his face.
    A family member partnered up with a man who was discovered to have a criminal background mental health issues. The reality of that problem didn't become apparent to her until she was getting beaten and dragged across the kitchen floor by her hair at 7 months pregnant.
    Some people are inherently dysfunctional and broken you will only get dragged into their web of problems so best thing is to avoid these type of people when aiming to have the best life possible believe me the data is out there. You should aim to learn from others rather than first hand experience as much as possible in this uncertain life.

  • Yet you are still whining about.

  • Well done.

    Love has to be two way.

    My wife spent the last 10 years of our 25 year marriage pushing me away. I was like the frog in the cooking pot. I did not realise at first and maybe she didn't either. Now it's so cold I'm going to give up.

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