I wish I was dead.

I hate society,I hate the government, I hate being poor,I hate being disabled, I hate not having a job or being approved for disability, I hate being single, I hate the thought of being with someone, Too many rude people, too many crazy people, tired of being in physical pain, so many things I hate and so many people I don't trust. Tired of my ex not paying child support, tired of my ex husband's wife harrasing me and my family every time we go out in public. I live with my mom,two disabled brothers and my teenage daughter. Growing up I was emotionally and verbally abused by my dad and the rest of us as well. They say it gets better with time but that's a myth I am 35 and it never ends. I never in my life have been on vacation. I don't live a good life like everyone else. I don't plan suicide but I sure don't want to live anymore because I know it won't stop.

Jul 9

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  • Life isn’t simple by far. I’ve gravitated to be real and understand everything, everyone, and every place I go is at its best presentation. Underneath, every person/place/thing is actually undergoing lots of work/pain/path and is trying hard to present their best self. When I look at life this way - I am able to help people by being open for them to open up on what the are navigating- whatever it is. I think, this helps me be lighter to myself and oddly I help others

  • I'm so sorry about everything that has happened to you and continues to happen to you I can relate to you on so many levels unsingle I have an Xi do pay child support but aside from that I'm alone from that I'm alone I have 2 daughters I don't call me and live a very lonely life and I hate and Thursday is that why am I alive and my brother died last year should have been me ! I wish there was a way that you could touch base with me or meet you so we could just chat about our situations and maybe look at things f****** friends you know I'm a good person that has been taking advantage of I'm sick of it I don't have any friends would love the opportunity just to talk about our situation get everything off a chest cause I have nobody to talk to you I need to talk to you please reach out to me

  • I'm sorry you have had it rough too. I have bipolar disorder so at times, I feel like this and sometimes I am ok. I don't actually want to die,I just wish my life was better and that I would have more and better opportunities in life. I'm also sorry for your loss. I bet it's tough at times. Also I won't give you my email or any personal information. Sorry!

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