Exposing people

If you feel your job is to expose people, for God, to harm them for God then you will be tortured in your thoughts soon. To do harm to another is to do harm to yourself. I feel sorry for people like that.

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  • Save your pity for yourself.

    You're not superior, over your fellow mortals. We're human beings and not without our faults. Stop acting like, you're a higher being, because you're not.

  • I don't I love when s**** get exposed.

  • Thanks for sharing how the view looks from your ivory tower, because people like you are every bit as bad. Exposing hypocrites like you would be a job if it paid money. To do it for free? That's a joy! :D

  • How am I "bad"?

  • I think God already knows.

  • God doesn't care about petty BS. Stop worrying about what other people think.

  • Its not petty BS to harm someone. I bet you are one of those people that hurt people o purpose.

  • Allow yourself to get hurt until youve lost all hope. Then you're strong just being alive.

  • Brute strength and power isn't what I crave

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