You know, right?

I mean, you know that you should stay here with me this time, instead of going home to your wife. You know, right? You know there's no way we're EVER going to stop making love. Because you know she can't compete with me, right? You know, right? And every time you say "we have to stop this", it just means you'll be back sooner the next time, right? I mean, you know, right? You know you can't get enough of me. You know, right? And you know you don't love her anymore, or at least not as much as you love me. You know, right? RIGHT?

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  • I was so much happier as THE other woman. He was exciting energetic attentive. Now he left his wife and we are together I know that's what I asked him but now I want the old way back.

    I want the quick risky get togethers
    The presents. The attention. The texts.

    Now he wants me to cook & wash & f'ing iron.

  • Yeah, I hear you. And maybe my fantasy bubble would burst. But I really think I would love to be the one he comes home to. EVERY NIGHT.

  • He never, there are no "not the leaving type" kind of man. If he really wanted you he would have already left. He Just wants s**.

  • So let me get this straight. You believe he'd be better for you as relationship material if he were the type to leave women? Yeah, ok. Gotcha.

  • Not the type to leave women. Just the type to leave THAT woman.

  • "You know" 11x including subject line. "Right" 9x including subject line. Girl, look. He ain't into you for your communication skills.

  • When you say something -that- often, especially when pulling the sad old "I'm the other woman and my poon has magic sexual powers" routine, it makes you sound like a combination of Joe Pesci and a bunny boiler. Actually, it makes a certain kind of sense-- women who poach unavailable men aren't exactly known for their intellect or emotional stability, are they? =)

  • It's just a manner of speaking. You get that, "right?"

  • UGGGHH... *SHUDDER* What I get is a feeling of nagged to h*** and back and I ain't even the dude. Totally henpecked!

  • Hey there. I am also fcking a married man, and I know I am way more exciting and fun than his wife. I am younger and more attractive. He loves fcking me, and he never suggests we need to stop. BUT, I also don't kid myself. He's not leaving his wife. He's not going to stay with me. I am his sexx toy, and he's my super secret totally fun married lover. You need to accept this is the case for you too.

  • Theres certainly some truth in what your saying. Maybe the relationship we have really is just something that diverts us from our "real" lives. I dunno. But I know he's not happy with her and I know shes not sexual enough or smart enough to keep him happy: actually shes a drain on him. I hate her for that. But I also recognize that shes a reality to be dealt with. I pray that eventually he will see both his wife and me for what we truly are and he will see that I am the only choice. Thanks for your words.

  • Quite a Christian you are.. f****** a married man and praying he will get a divorce...

  • Who are you trying to convince?

  • Him. I'm trying to convince HIM of something he already knows.

  • You don't even seem to be sure of it yourself

  • No I'm totally sure. The questions are just a manner of speaking.

  • He does not want her for love. He is using her for s**. It reinforces his ego. His self value. Self esteem.

    I'm not sure what she gets out of it.

  • Yes our s** life is fabulous. Really incredible. But that's not the point, its just an indication of how good we are together and how important we are to each other.

  • Ah I don't think you understand what you are doing. You guys are using each other.

  • No its more than that. It may or may not be "love",, but there's no using.

  • Intellectually challenged bunny boilers ALWAYS argue this, even though smarter people know better. They always think they're special somehow. Then they can't understand why the only guys who will look their way are bored husbands looking to empty their sack into something besides their wife.

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