Do people remember?

My reunion is coming up and i want to go kind of but am worried people will still remember embarrassing things about me so not sure to go. When i was a senior around 18 i had an incedent when i stayed out with the car and brought people home with me when i shouldnt have and my Dad disciplined and scolded me in front of them and then talked to them about me when he left me home and drove them home himself. A month later i got caught shoplifting and i was grounded for 2 months. My parents would pay a neighbor guy in my class be our babysitter sometimes (he was much more mature, good student and athlete, and not someone who would hang out with a geek/virgin like me), this happened even when i was in highschool if i was grounded. He babysat a few times including two overnights when my parents were gone. He was mostly ok but my Dad left him in charge of all my activity, and he knew all my rules and could enforce them which only came up a few times but was extremely embarrassing to have someone in my own class with rights of a adult/parent over me. Alot of people found out my sister and he would talk about it, people made comments sometimes to me. My familys attitude was i deserved the humiliation and it wouldnt have happend if i didnt get in trouble and i was lucky to only get that. I've never gotten in trouble again but also have been very shy and not successful.I haven't heard anyone outside my family talk about it since around the year when it happened but dont really talk to anyone from back then much. When i see people around town or on sociall media i am afraid that they will still remember. it was 15 years ago.

Oct 17, 2016

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  • Punishment of older kids is such a power trip. I took a gf home once past her cerfew. She had not told me that she had a curfew. She left her sweater in the car and I only realised after she had gone inside the front door. I took the sweater and was about to knock on the front door to return it (lights were still on) and I could hear the whack of the paddle and her crying out. I just stood there mesmerised. When it was done, I just walked quietly away and drove off. At the time so conflicted inside. Turned on and disgusted at the same same times. Now as a dirty old man, of course I'd love to paddle a older teen girls bum.

  • It's bad enough to be talked about and people know how immature you are. much worse if someone actually sees you get it. Fully humiliating when a babysitter is in charge of it.

  • Your school mate paddled you?

  • Yes, two different times.

  • Wow!

  • I guess if it comes up i could say I'm trying to forget that time. Or try to own it and acknowledge that what i did back then was wrong and regret now that my dad felt he had punish and discipline me. Even though it was harsh and embarrassing i did learn a lesson from it. Now i am trying to be more successful and want to try some college classes (to change the subject and also i am really thinking about doing that) and that may be a good way to talk to people there. i have never done anything else but work at a store they have nothing else to remember me by.

    After i got it over the curfew and car i know people talked alot about me.
    Then I tried very hard to be cool (unsuccessfully) but the shoplifting thing several weeks later made it all a much bigger story and me look even worse. I think some people had pity on me but most thought i was stupid and was getting consequences for what i did wrong.

    Some friends of the guy who babysat Rick and my sister came to our house to visit or study over during the time i was grounded and saw or heard things happen so they knew details about my punishment or were told which was the source of alot of comments i heard and many other people talked about it. Some people i didnt even know knew of my from hearing something.

    My younger sister started hanging around older cool kids in my class at that time so was more a friend to that clique and she was embarrassed about me being her older brother and such a dork. She didn't want anyone to think she could be punished like but since she couldn't stop people from knowing she quickly became more of an adult and was popular with guys and girls in my class. this whole time made feel inferior and immature compared to her and other people my age and i still do.

  • Maybe your parents were right to have you baby sat. You allude to it - shop lifting, dork, unsuccessful coolness, and so on.

  • I wish they had someone not from school/my age babysit not as many people would have known or had a reason to talk about it and it was a scandalous subject..
    i know i was at a bad point of growing up trying to be cool, a man, broke rules, deserved the consequences and that my parents were trying to be fair but also very exasperated by my behavior. ultimately their attitude was if we cant trust you, what else can we do and that if people know thats your fault you shouldn't have done it in the first place. i was already a loser/nerd and still am. the public knowledge of punishments separated me from everyone else who became adults then and are all successful now.

  • If they remember, and bring it up..Then, they're the same people they were 15 years ago, which is sad. If you see them in town, I'd say..Move to a better area. Small towns are famous for perpetuating stories about someone's high school days (trust me..I grew up in one, and couldn't wait to move and expand my horizons), and some small-minded people will brand you as "that guy who had the baby sitter".

    Reunions are supposed to be fun and catch-up time, not reliving what already happened. I had mine two years ago, and, had more fun talking to a guy who, back then, I wasn't a huge fan of, about his pending fatherhood at 45, then ever did recalling our past days. Yes, you will still have those forever locals who'll only remember the bad about you, but..Avoid them or spend as little time as possible with them. Or, remind them of what you've accomplished since those days.

  • You aren't 18 or in high school anymore. Will people remember..maybe ...who knows. You can laugh about it now. Your dad was being over protective. Go to your reunion and have fun. Try to get in touch with people you want to see beforehand. Not everyone likes

  • Have fun with it. Get somone to accompany you as a baby sitter.

  • Man can I sympathise. My parents though did not go out to embarass me but being baby sat at 18 was totally humiliating. My baby sitter was older though so not as embarrassing as your classmate thing but still totally disempowering and a feeling that they will never trust me.

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