This sites auto correct is the worst ever changes the to he frequently too to woo wtf figure it out seriously or just turn it off completely

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  • The only "autocorrect" this site has is turning words with any hint of naughtiness into stars, like p r i c k into p****.

    typical stupid person. it was -your- end causing the problem you're whining about, but you're either too stupid or arrogant to own that and blame it on others instead. i bet you also default to "rude" or "jealous" when someone irl calls you out for being stupid too, because this post can't be a one time thing. die mad and don't reproduce.

  • The site doesn't have auto correct hahahaha. Your web browsers might, and your phone might. Idiot.

  • Hi, I'm the site admin. Stop trying to blame auto correct you moron. You are just illiterate.

  • Maybe lookup what illiterate means then ask yourself what two things I had to do to reply ;)

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