I am immensely attracked to my 25 year old step daughter

It was only 3 years ago or so my step daughter and I couldn't stand each other. Today, I am incredibly attracted to her. When she comes over to the house, I get so excited and rush upstairs to see her. We hug and I kiss her head. An innocent gesture one might think, but inside me I want to make love to her so desperately.

She is gorgeous, educated, slender and well spoken. She is a latina, my absolute favorite. I love everything about her...only that she isn't mine.

We text all the time, to see how each other are doing, etc. She suspects nothing. I collect her panties any time my wife and I visit her apartment. I also have her lipstick...Victoria's Secret brand. It is so hot, her not knowing how bad I want her. I screen shot her photos on FB and SC and save them to my desktop. I open them and arrange them around my Chrome when watching p***. I always look for a video/woman that closely resembles her and j*** off into her panties. My fantasies envolving her include meeting her at a s** club each week, naked together...gangbanging her, creampies, swinger lifestyle, gloryhole parties and vouyerism. I even have a fantasy where I divorce her mother, remarry and my new wife allows me to f***** her while she watches us.

What can I say? My wife doesn't wanna have s** anymore. What am I left to do? At least I am not acting on it...


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  • I start sniffing my step daughter's panties at 16, wearing her old clothes when no one was around. We have a pool at the house too, I would put her bikini on. I do the same fb & sc of her pics. She's now 22. Many times she's returned home drunk and I would help her to bed, smelling her hair, or coping a cheap feel. But one night over the summer she got so wasted with her that I had to pick her up she had on the skimpiest outfit ever, helping her into the car I saw she wasn't wearing any panties. During the car ride home she started playing with herself. When I got her to her bed there she was laying on her side, her skirt all the way up by her waist exposing her butt and v*****, as I took off her heels she opened her legs, I couldn't help myself but to run my hand from her feet up her legs touching the sweet spot. I took a pic and jerked off on her I did rub my c**k on her p**sy before hand but when I was done I kissed her on the lips and went to bed. The next morning she said I cant believe how drunk I was, I told her she started playing with herself and tried to take her clothes off in front of me, I even said I saw her naked, and she laughed and said I hope I looked good. I replied the best that I've seen. Then I told her she kissed me good night on the lips. And before she left I got a peck on the lips. It's been a fess months now, and nothing, as much as I flirt, NOTHING!!

  • Indecent assault!!

  • Wait until you do act. The s** is out-f******-standing.

  • You don't know that, don't make assumptions, everyone is different

  • Thanks for the response, made my morning! Spoke with her over the phone yesterday for close to an hour...discusing relationships (i.e. Her mother and I). She has become such a mature, objective and classy young woman. The entire conversation gave me such a hard-on that I had to close my office door and j*** off to some of her photos I saved in my Google Drive. I'll be going over to her apartment this weekend and plan on grabbing a few pairs of panties and her lipstick.

  • Perverted!

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