I want you

I crave your touch, your lips, and every word that flows from those lips. It's your arms that I want to be held in and your warmth that I want to feel. Instead, I'm haunted by another's touch and another's words. I wish that I was your first, your last, your everything. Just tell me how you truly feel. Don't hold anything back. It scares me that you may not care as much as I care for you. You barely talk to me any more and you only really acknowledge me when no one else is there . I hate that I don't know how to feel. My heart is torn between you both. You both have qualities that will fulfill me and yet I may never have both.

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  • The love you have for both of your cats is endearing.

  • Me too

  • I was the other woman and I dreamed so strongly to be his one and only. Now I am and I'm cleaning the house and doing the washing. I want to be the other woman once again.

  • Rest assured, he's got *another* other woman now that you're bagged and tagged :D

  • I'm sorry to hear about your indicisiveness, but I wouldn't want to be anyone's second choice. You go ahead and be with the other one. The other people will find someone better in life.

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