Don't touch me

I boil up inside when people at work touch me. Despite it being friendly and non-sexual, I want to pound their heads into a pulp when they make contact.

At the same time, I don't want to hurt their feelings. They just want to be friendly.

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  • Then SPEAK. If it bothers you so d@mn badly, tell them. You know they mean no harm, so during a quiet moment take them aside and explain your preference. And don't be a d0uche about it.

  • Just tell them how you feel. If they're nice people, they won't want to make you upset, but they'll never know that they are if you don't tell them.

  • Damn get your s*** together relax buddy

  • I can't stand people touch me either. For some reason, many of my husband's friends think it is okay, when they come over, to greet me with a hug or a small kiss on the cheek. I'm always like,"Eeew." I try to encourage handshakes when I can.

  • The lady in tights and skirt who is sitting opposite me leans forward when she is making a point and puts her hand on my knee.

    I wonder can I put my hand on her thigh?

  • I feel somewhat the same I don't care to be touched by people , other than loved ones. Having a co-worker or a waitress put their hand on me creeps me out . I know it's just them being friendly but it makes my skin crawl.

  • I sometimes feel the same way when the touchings unexpected. Its not so bad when you see it coming. I personally only speak in an respectful way and never touch anyone.

  • Respectful tone and never touch anyone....???? I think that's weird

  • I mean I like being touchy to the guy I like

  • I guess everyone's different. Touch validates me. Makes me feel loved. A hand shake, pat on shoulders, a quick hug to a full blown smothering.

    Just different

  • Reading this confession paired with the one just below, about the craving for touch? Classic confessionpost!

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