Belly pain

I have a serious belly fetish! For those who want to watch belly pain go to and the whole site is women getting punched in their soft bellies! Theirs hundreds of videos! Real punches too! Everyday I have to have some pressure in my belly, so I close the door and find heavy things to lay on my belly! My tummy is so pretty! It's flat, and my navel is perfectly round and sinks in atleast an inch or more. It's so perfect that I stick my finger in and its a perfect fit. And you can pour something in it and it makes a perfect lil puddle to play around in it with your tongue! I want someone to be obsessed with bellies as much as I am. Even just to sit on my belly, punch me, mash on it, massage it, just whatever! During s**, the only position that gives me an o***** is my man laying on my belly and pumping hard almost where I'm gasping for air. I always dream of fighting with my man beating him up and for him to calm me down he knows my weak spot, so he slugs me in my belly hard. I fall on the floor holding my belly, he picks me up lays me on the bed and massages my belly hard for a while! It"ll turn into good s**! Also when a man is doing oral on me, I don't know how to tell him to massage my stomach, press it etc. I just wish guys knew! I'm straight but I always dreamed of having a female lay on her back while i punch her, mash her, sit on her and just have my way with her belly til she pukes and I give her a hard and deep massage. Well theirs my confessions! I need someone to have their way with my beautiful belly!


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  • ....What the f*** is wrong with you losers???

  • Oh brother. Some sick, stupid s*** you're into. No wonder the world is as f***** up as it is, with people like you existing.

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