Blacks are annoying and ungly

I can't stand black people. Everything about them is ugly. I hate looking at their black skin their fat lips, ugly ass f****** hair and annoying nig nog yapping. Please God bring me inner peace for blacks are the worst to live around and everytime I see one of them it ruins my day.

Oct 23, 2016

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  • Google the 10 worst cities in America.Thetes your answer.
    Majority population is black.
    They ruin any great city the move in. Once they move in people start moving out. They are lazy, loud and show no respect when eating at restaurants.
    Are known to tip the worst( first hand knowledge)
    Don’t forget they expect a handout

  • Black people look and act like monkeys πŸ’ beside killing and raping people and attacking other people?

  • I mean what else do they do?

  • The poster is very Honest. Make sure you tell whites to stop being so thirsty black s**. You probably have a blackgirl friend or boyfriend and that Makes you a hypocrite.

  • Ugly hearted and ignorant minded people are ugly!!!

  • Ur face is real ugly LOL πŸ˜‚

  • How original, idiot!! Lol

  • For a person with a kind heart u sure like to judge a lot LOL

  • Define, judging alot lol

  • So learn some English dumbass lol πŸ˜‚

  • Learn some English. Not, "So learn some English!"lol

  • It's a lot not "alot "

  • One love and peace:)

  • One hate and riot :)

  • "Ungly" lol. Ironically you spell like a nig hoodrat.

  • Black people have monkey πŸ’ s**** πŸ˜‚

  • I'm a black man but I still F****** hate balck people I like white people better because of their skin color

  • Fake post!

  • Niggger

  • Hope segregation will come back just like the 50s LOL

  • Not all blacks are the ghetto type

  • Thank you!! I'm a person, regardless of my race and I wasn't born in the ghetto. I wasn't born in any disadvantaged area, but my ancestors were. They suffered, so their future generations wouldn't.
    I feel disheartened when reading comments and OP confessions, stereotyping and generalizing the majority of black people, because of the negative experiences they've had with, a minority of black people.
    Why does it have deemed as racial and not a individual thing?
    Beyond sad:(

  • It goes both ways. I don't know why it has to be a racial vs individual thing for too many people. It's not even just blacks and whites. Asians are incredibly racist, but no one ever calls them on it except other Asians. And try being any ethnicity other than Native on a reservation, see how much fun that turns out to be.

  • This post and thread of comments is really disgusting and pathetic.

  • Nope. F*** off if this offends you, coddler.

  • I agree:-)

  • Mudbabies

  • If any issues arise, between myself and others, it's never been race related.
    It's beyond sad, when you hear of stories and confessions that are.
    I live in a Country, where open racism isn't tolerated and it's a hate crime. However, racism is still present within disadvantaged areas. But it doesn't seem as profound and dominate, compared to the USA. We have silent racism. Which do you think is worse?
    A system that controls racism or a system that doesn't?

    I think "racism itself!" is the worst.

  • Black people all look alike lol

  • How ignorant since "black" skintones are the most diverse melatonin shades of any race on Earth.

  • You have an ugly heart

  • You have an ugly face

  • Lol Maybe so, regardless of race. But my heart is beautiful and that's more important. Outside beauty fades, inner beauty will always remain :)

  • Who cares about the heart as long as I have my sexy t*** and v***** men will keep coming to me :)

  • Good for you, that's your prerogative :-)
    I'd rather have a beautiful heart, soul and mind x

    One love and peace :-)

  • Lady ur a miserable ugly person with no one who loves you

  • One love and peace ✌

  • One hate and riot πŸ–•πŸ»

  • Always, one love and peace ✌

  • I have issues with some black people and some whites too. Blacks tend to be their own worst enemies and I'm referring to the high murder rate aka black on black crime. Yes, I've met very bad blacks but I've also met some very good ones. My best bar buddy is black and I go target shooting with a young black guy.

  • Kkk needs to do something about these n******

  • I'm white, but I think black women who talk dirty in ebonics are kinda hot.

  • Lol I agree!!

  • U F****** niggger loving piece of s***!

  • Why do white people, eat fish and chips lol?

  • So is chicken. Chicken and fish I assume aren't biased and particular, about the race of the people that eat them. I'm assuming they're more consumed with, their untimely fate, for mankind's benefits.

  • Fish is a good source of protein and it provides our hearts with beneficial fatty acids. The chips provide the fiber. It's better than a McDonalds hamburger health wise.

  • Why do black people rape and kill? What a group of savage f****

  • Why does any human being commit those crimes, regardless of race? Ask yourself that instead, you idiotic fool!!

  • What has niggger ever done for America?

  • Lol I wasn't born in America. I don't live there and I don't intend to visit either.
    But the question you should really be asking, "what has the white man, done to America!"

  • Are u some kinda niggger or just a niggger loving cracker?

  • I'm a human being with a kind heart and soul. That's all that matters :-)

  • Wow how very dull u F****** loser

  • Lol I aim to please

  • Whatever u jew

  • Lol! Wow! YOUR stupidity is endless!

  • Wow just f*** off already!

  • Wow lol! YOU first!

  • Yeah f*** off u coward

  • No u first unless u wanna fight

  • Lol!! We're fighting fool, with our words!
    Albeit though, you aren't much of a challenge :-)

  • Wanna make love baby?

  • I get plenty of loving at home lol :-) So, no!

  • πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»

  • By the way my name is Valmir djelosevic

  • Wow LOL

  • Why the f*** do blacks eat fried chicken?

  • F*** black people why the f*** were they ever made

  • Why was "anyone" and "anything" created?!
    Evolution asshat!!

  • Well because without black people there would be no white people. White people are just black people who migrated north. Facts history and evolution. We are the same as them.

  • White is better

  • Mankind, should be better!

  • Amen to that!!

  • Amen indeed! Bless white Americans

  • The word 'Amen' is Hebrew/Jewish which stems from the Egyptian (Nubian/Black) God Amun or Amun Ra/Re. 'Amen' is a misspelling. So yeah, good luck with that, white American.

  • Lol you schooled him good :-)

  • F*** u Jewish monster

  • Um... Not Jewish... Nor am I black. Just someone amped to educate you since you seem to be lacking somewhere. You're either a teenage troll, OP, or just a sad kid in a grown body.

  • In your face!! You got schooled!!

  • Not Jewish. Not black. You twerp.

  • Then f*** whatever you are!

  • Bless the individuals amongst mankind, that are above discrimination, of any form :-) Amen to people who unite and fight against, discriminatory ignorance!!

  • Amen to that!

  • Why r coons so fat? LOL

  • Wish Martin Luther king was never born LOL

  • Praise Martin Luther King, god rest his soul!

  • Martin luther was just a n***** in a city with a dream. wopdee doo. move out in the country and you will realize that cities are a prison.

  • Praise Martin Luther king!

  • Lol that's like wishing, evolution didn't happen!!

  • Hahaha... This was tagged "sexual."

  • Wow, black people have that much power over you, to ruin your day. Weak ass! You write "please God give me inner peace". From my understanding, God is God of the Hebrews/Jewish God. Must feel odd asking a non-white God for peace from non-white people. LOL.

  • F*** u niggger monkey monster

  • They smell

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