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My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now and things are going well for us. But one day he tells me if I could put makeup on often. I usually dont wear makeup cuz I think its a waist of my time and I also work in the kitchen. Things get hot and sweaty in the kitchen. I also think makeup is expensive. I'm a cheapo. I tried explaining this to him and all he says is " I'm not dating a girl, I'm dating a woman and I would like to see you put some effort looking your best" at least on the weekends. I feel so offended but I feel like he's got a point. I look at instagram looking at how pretty these models are wishing I could put some effort looking like that. I just don't know what to do.. Help? Tips and advice please?

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  • Your boyfriend is being unduly critical for no reason. Find out what is really behind his criticisms.

  • Well, if he thinks you need to be pretty for him f*** him. He's being a sexist a******.

  • Sorry, I actually didn't mean to call him an a******, since I don't know him. But that was a sort of a****** comment... The way he said it wasn't nice. "I'm not dating a girl, I'm dating a woman" "put some effort in looking your best" ? Uhhhh...? What defines a woman exactly, sir?

  • My words exactly. Seems like he still doesn't get it. In any case thank you for ur support I really feel better about myself and show him there needs to be changes.

  • What an a******, honestly. You were happy with yourself before he said that, right? If you WANT to do it, do it. But don't do it just to make him happy. He should love you as you are. It isn't just about how he feels. Your feelings matter too.

  • Youtube tutorials and practicing at home alone. At least that's how my transsexual friend learned

  • It's great that your boyfriend is communicating to you what he wants. I get how you feel offended though. Because it's running through your mind, why don't you accept me for me. You can make a compromise and it sounds like you're game to do so. As you said, there's really no point in wearing makeup to work. But on certain evenings or whenever, you can put some make up on. Here are some tips and advice - There are so many options and they don't require a lot of fuss. The best way would be to go to Sephora and tell them that you don't wear any makeup and you are looking for simple ways to change your appearance without adding a lot of time to your routine. A natural look. You can ask them to show you day and night time looks. You can ask for samples to play with and not feel obligated to buy. Most, if not all, of your make up you can buy from your local drugstore.. blush, mascara (Great lash by Maybelline - is one of the best), a little eye liner and a nice lipstick. When you go to Sephora or even a makeup counter at a department store - they can figure out your colors - foundation, blush etc. On youtube you can find tutorials on how to apply. Or even have them make you up one night and then have your boyfriend take you out. You may even have fun just experimenting. Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEU0ZULtTCU

  • Just do it for him once and a while. Or he will find a pic with lipstick

  • First of all don't compare yourself to airbrushed. No one looks like that, the models themselves don't look like that. Second, out your foot down, no makeup at work. End of story. If you feel you should make a bigger effort at it, do it when you can. Where a little something when you are home or when you two go out. Third, tell him he hurt your feelings. I'm sure you can find things he does that you don't like. It's easy to point fingers. Dont get into an argument dut point out that he has things he could be doing better too. Like learning how to talk to you like a caring reasonable adult.

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