I'm troubled because of my sexual urges and religion

I am a sixteen years old guy and I am bisexual however throughout the months I have been having thoughts of dating a guy I have a crush on and been thinking about him a lot for the past month or so and i'm always happy whenever I think about spending time with him and a gay relationship in general but i'm Christian and it's against my religion but I really want to spend time with my crush but at the same time I want to be a faithful Christian and it makes me depressed when I think about it because I'm in love with my crush but if I date him there's a chance I could be sent to h*** for dating him

Dec 17, 2018

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  • It gets so much easier once you realize that religion is made up bullshit but love is real and l*** is absolutely okay! Don't let a bronze age cult keep you from living and enjoying the only life you'll have. If God was real and truly loved you he wouldn't condemn you for exploring and enjoying aspects of your self that don't cause anyone any harm.

  • It's not my place to tell you whether to believe or not, but I will say that any god who would condemn one of his children to an eternity in H*** for who or how they love isn't worthy of worship.

  • First of all are you truly a born again Christian, where you commited your life to Jesus, or are you merely a church member. If you are really a Christian, the Holy Spirit will help you resist these desires if you really want him too and are willing to surrender your life to Him. I know this from similar personal experience, but it is a fight in which you will have to stand against your desires. Next being brutally honest, ask yourself what attracts you to this guy, and then ponder why you feel this way. God doesn't send anyone to h***. Christ died so that we can be saved from h***, but our rebellion against God is the real reason. We face a very crafty foe...Satan who seeks to pervert all that God created. He will deceive you if you allow him to. Christ defeated him on the cross, so technically the only power he has over us is what we give him by our disobedience to God's word. I pray that you will get real with God, and allow Him to help you overcome this temptation. God loves you and I do also and will be praying for you. I will check this post in a few days in case you wish to respond to what I have said. You are not the only one to have faced this temptation, and you are not alone in this. Best Wishes.

  • Well, I have not step foot in a church yet however I know a great proportion of the bible and I am indeed a strong believer in god. I don't really trust churches for my own personal reasons. 1 I feel like churches are more like a business now and getting people's money and now about God anymore 2 the bible is man made and has been through a lot of edits throughout the centuries. I believe God loves everybody and that as long as we truly did try out our best to not son then we go to heaven but at the same time that's just how I feel and i'm afraid of being wrong about it. Believe me when I say I have tried hard to resist my temptations but at the same time i'm in love i'm I don't think I can resist anymore. Again just to clarify I 100% believe in both God and Christ but i'm on the frisk about religion and don't trust churches all that much I am no pervert neither just a happy bi person that believes and God and Christ and I'll always try hard to be loyal but am happy to be but however I get depressed about the thoughs that I do not 100% know if i'm in the right about this and want to life a happy with the person i'm in love with and go to the after life with him. I'm also frustrated a bit that God just can't have a 1 on 1 talk with his people.

  • I'm fifteen and have been letting mostly older boys have s** with me. I've felt guilty about having boy/boy s** but I feel better about it now...

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