I think my girlfriend is cheating

Well I have been in love with this girl awhile now and she says she is still dating her ex as she dates me.... She said that she was going to dump her when she got a working phone to call... Well it's been 2 months and she still hasn't dumped her ex and we are still dating... I feel as if I should break up with her but I love her so much I'm way to scared to lose her... She is my world but I think she is her ex's world as well ... I don't know what to do i feel so lost. I feel like I'm being cheated on and I can't do a thing about it

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  • When you say your gf will break up with her gf when she gets a working phone to call? How is she in contact with her now? Think you need to break up with this girl. Because the bottom line is she's not available to you right now. If she wanted to be with you and break up with her gf, she would have done so by now. Instead she gives you excuses. Did you know she had a gf before you two started dating, or was this information she withheld? Have to wonder what else she's lying about. Or if you willingly dated her knowing this..then it is what it is...the other girl was there first. You continuing to date her just sends your gf a message that you're okay being second best. You need to figure out who you want in your life and then find her. And rule of thumb..don't make anyone your entire world. They can be a part of it, but not the whole thing. Other things are equally as important.

  • Unfortunately, you are being cheated on with your consent. I'm sorry to hear that you're still in love with her and she's taking advantage of it. But two can play this game. Go ahead and date other girls while she continues to date her ex, which really isn't her ex, isn't he? Don't date others to get revenge, as this is unfair to them being the innocent party. Date the ones you're attracted to.

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