I love the option of having options ;)

Im a bisexual male, 22yrs old. I'm not attracted to men like I want to date them. I just really love wearing something sexy for myself mostly but also the lucky guy that I'm about to give myself to. I'm submissive with guys and Ive only shared this with one other person.
I recently started wearing womens underwear. My first experience couldn't have been better. I stopped by my friends house after work that I had been seeing for a few months. We weren't dating but we had an amazing sexual relationship that I'll never forget. I jumped in the shower to clean up for my man, when I get out I notice a gift bag sitting on the counter with a note that said "hope it fits". I pull out some lace panties.... What?! It was some dark red/black low rise panties with silk, was even made for men but still very hot. I put them on and I'm instantly impressed with how perfect they fit and how light and free they felt. Im loving how tight they feel on my skin as I walk and move around. As I start to realize that I'm really liking these... I feel sexy. I've always felt somewhat sexy when I'm with guys but this took it to another level and actually allowed me to relax more during foreplay and intercourse and be who I want to be, try new things and be more in touch with my sexuality. Especially since I have a guy in the next room who obviously wants me more than I realized. Mmm. I wanted to take care of him in more ways than I could come up with, treat him like a real man for making me feel this way. I step in there to find him lost in the lines of my crotch as I seductively walk his way, slowly spinning for him in the dim light. I loved the attention. I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted his d*** inside me. I was rubbing myself all over, sliding my fingers between the silk and my skin, tugging at my pantie lines with a smile while I'm resisting myself from jumping into it right away. He leans over and lightly runs his fingers up my leg as I'm overwhelmed by the whole experience. As he reaches my hip he slips a finger in the waistline tugging me his way. I waisted no time and jumped up to straddle him, kissing him all over. As I sit down on him I can feel his hard c*** thru the silk. I slowly grind, applying more pressure with each pass I make. His hands caress up my thighs to my hips... he wraps his arms around my lower back to squeeze me closer to him. He's calling me baby and telling me how I'm turning him on so much. He's making me feel so special at this moment. I can feel my panties getting soaked with precum as he's talking dirty to me. I feel his hands slide down to my ass grabbing handfuls, playing with it. Im moaning already and were still in our underwear. He's got me feeling like a woman right now as he's holding me on top of him, I can tell he wants me really bad and it feels so right and so damn good. I loved feeling his c*** against me in those panties while we both took in this new experience. I reached down to pull out his d***, I wanted him now. I decided to give him a treat and turn around while I blew him and he pulled my panties aside to eat me out :0 wow. I was so turned on my ass was soaking wet by the time he turned me on my back and slid his c*** inside me. His c*** sliding in and out of me was like feeling it for the first time but better. The panties defiantly hightned our experience by a lot. I love how they look on me with my bubble but, how I instantly feel sexy when I put them on. I love to wear them for any guy I get with now even if he's not into it I still get to feel like a woman. I'm always wearing them in everyday life. My favorite part is there's so many different kinds to wear for your mood or occasion so spicing it up is fun and easy.

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  • Give in to your sissy desires, get dressed up as a little w****, and let men use you, like the little s*** s*** you are

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