Who are you? Will u plz let me know???

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  • Now i can gos and relaxo up tonigt thanks

  • I asked that question while on shrooms, once. Thought back to when I was a child, when it all began. I could see it so vivid that I remembered the texture of the desk, the radiator in the corner, the feel and smell of the heat coming off it in the winter, and the chalk in the air and on the blackboard. I saw how I was a kid in a school, with all these other kids. That's all I was, one among many, sitting in a classroom doing what I was supposed to, no idea why, except that I would be embarrassed, beaten, punished, or dead were I to do otherwise. There were kids there who shared the same birthday, maybe even the same nursery ward after birth. I could have been any one of them. Learning the same lessons, living next door to each other. Why am I me and not one of them? What in any of it makes me more special or important than any of them? If i could see myself with such separation of self, I saw myself in the third person, body separate from soul, as just some kid in secondhand handmedowns, shy and bad eyes, maybe smart but then maybe not, just some kid, then there's no reason why I can't and shouldn't look at myself that way right now. Flew right out the top of my head, I did, and I saw everything, even me standing down there staring at sweet shitall like a goof. I lost interest in illusions of being special. I will leave that up to others. I must focus my energies to other priorities.

  • I'm Batman

  • You don't have to know everything about that girl. (:

  • Hi, my name is Brant Fowler. It's a pleasure to meet you. Again. There's a slight chance I may have given you another name that first night we met, and I'm sorry about that. We were in a large group, and I'd already used that "other" name in introducing myself within the group, because it was a place I should not have been. No, not because of any sexual or marital or romantic indiscretion; no, nothing so tawdry. And certainly nothing illegal. Because of who I work for, it would have been considered a bit of a conflict of interest for me to be present in that group. I was trying to shield my actual identity, in case someone later learned that I'd been there. I won't go into the circumstances here, because I don't want to give up my little political game for no reason or benefit. Then, when it came to my being introduced to YOU, I wanted to give you the real name, not the fake one, because I wanted to see you again and talk to you, but by that time I'd deployed the alternate identity and couldn't plausibly offer a different one without having to answer questions I didn't want to answer that night. Unfortunately, that put YOU in the position of having now to ask who I really am, which is a question YOU don't want to have to ask and shouldn't have to ask. I apologize for that, and ask that you forgive me. I felt that we had a real connection that night, and I hope we have a chance to reconnect. I would have explained myself later that evening, but by the time I was in a position to do that, you'd already left. The loss was mine, and now I don't know how to reach you. So, there's the explanation. I hope it's satisfactory, and I hope we meet again. Soon.

  • I mean it's worth a shot...ain't it?

  • Sometimes its better not to know

  • I wud..but only a certain man can know

  • I think "wud" might Just do the trick

  • You'll have to be a little more specific.

  • 8 million people - 8 million stories, same song

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