Underage smoking

I have always loved smoking and started when I was 11 (with my parents' blessing. I am now a single parent of 3 girls and managed to get all 3 of my girls to at least try a cigarette at age 10. I told them that they didn'the have to start smoking, but that I at least wanted them to try them to see if they liked them so that they could make an informed decision. In all 3 cases, they ended up really loving cigarettes and I allowed them to start. They are now 16, 14, and 12 and I don't think they will ever quit! They have no limits on how many they are allowed to smoke. If I had it to do all over again, I would still do it. They in turn have gotten several of their friends started and also a few younger relatives. We are all a VERY pro-smoking family and always will be!

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  • This is great I have a 12 yo and 7yo who both love smoking as well. I wish the 12yo started earlier but glad she enjoys it.

  • Thank you! I have never regretted letting my girls start. I would do it all over again, but perhaps get them started even earlier. I am hoping that they will also start their own kids smoking at a young age.
    Please keep your kids smoking and encourage them pass it on to their kids at an early age too!

  • I started at 27. I LOVE smoking -- the rituals, the smell, the taste, and most of all pulling the smoke deep into my lungs. I started with Camel Crush menthols, then switched to Marlboro, then again to American Spirits (Blacks). They relax me and control my depression.

    My husband is very unhappy about my taking up smoking. We don't have kids yet, but I certainly would have to be honest: I love cigarettes and wish I'd started them as a girl. They might have saved me many anxious/depressed days and nights.

  • My wife started when she was nine. She REALLY liked it. But I worry about our kids getting cancer.

    Maybe it's worth it for the pleasure? She says it is.

  • Why did you wait until they were 10? You should have put a lit cigarette in their mouths when they were infants so they would have more time to make an informed decision.

  • I really hope this isn't true......

  • For shame......

  • This sounds fake

  • It also sounds stupid.

  • I assume that you thought it was sexy when you started, and that your daughters think the same now. But you're ALL wrong. It's not even slightly sexy. Sorry.

  • One doesn't get "informed" by trying smoking. One gets "addicted". I understand your logic, but surely even you see how flawed it is, no?

  • Damn, this is awful.

  • How the F can you afford that? Why?

  • Mmmhm. Just watched a loved one die from complications from copd, lung cancer, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, emphysema and ultimately cancer all through his body. Yes, all those at once. Oh he had quit smoking a couple years before, but by then it was far too late. It was a horrible and slow death on a respirator. It was not a fun time. Not for him, not for the family. Welp, I could might as well be writing this to a corn dog. He knew the risks, too. He thought he was very clever, too. Toodle-oo.

  • Untill your 20 year old daughter dies of a lung disseas,.,, you are a stupid f***** up parent.

  • Stupid...stupid..stupid parent

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