Is it any secret that 99% of all guys fantasize about their wives/girlfriends getting banged by another guy?how many guys would actually like to watch a stranger, or a friend, plow her little p****? That is, if she would go for it. Ha ha!

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  • Absolutely. It was my biggest secret when we married. Shocked my wife finding my files on my computer. She was far from game to endulge my fantasy. However after patience and subltle encouragement she actually chose to try once. It's now our secret lifestyle that she takes massive black c*** while I watch. She occasional finds a guy that meets her standard, which is huge. I watch her get it so good by meat easily twice as large as me. I turned her into a naughty girl

  • As a woman, I enjoy making love to women instead of men. I would like to watch, my woman make love to another woman or a man. I'm a one woman, woman.

  • I have been married twice and both my wives slept with other men while I was married to them. I have no problem with that. A happy p**** means a happy wife. And yes I enjoyed watching and double teaming them when they f*** others. My current wife is a bigger s*** then the first wife a real keeper.

  • My wife talked me into letting her f*** a black man. Now 37 bbc's later she has a happy p**** and I have my c*** in my hand wanking off.

  • One time about 10 years ago my wife got really drunk and I talked her into letting me and my friend tag team her, It was pretty hot and I did enjoy watching but afterward she said she didn't enjoy it as much as s** with just one guy and I haven't been able to get her to do it since.

  • One time my wife tongue kissed another mom. A friend of ours. We are all about the same age and have kids and do stuff together as families. One night us adults all went out. Kind of to relive our youth. Something about 40yo's clubbing but anyway'. At one stage she and this oter girl just spent minutes with their tongues down each other throats and I may have seen a hand going for a b*** or up a skirt in all that sweaty hotness.

    I was so turned on and did not feel threated or anything. The other womans husband though was off his face.

    On topic though and I would feel jealous if another man f***** my wife. SO I guess I am in the 1% group too.

  • I guess I'm a 1%er then. I have zero desire to see my wife get f***** by another man.

  • I do married women all the time. Nice to know I'm helping their husbands fantasies come true. By the way all you guys with those cute white wives/girlfriends, they BEG for this black rod. Just banged a little 23 year old newlywed two days ago.

  • My wife just bought a ten inch black d****. Should I be worried ?

  • Only if she tries to use it on you. Otherwise she's good to go.

  • I let my best friend eat my wife's p**** once while she was passed out drunk. Wouldn't let him f*** her but he did j******* on her chest! Gotta admit, quite a turn on!

  • Just recently beginning to learn that my wife was a w**** in college. Don't know if I want anybody else playing in her p**** for a while. Although intriguing.

  • I think my wife would go for it if I approved. She's always been a little more than I can handle. Had a guy tell me the other just the other day that she has one of those " Baby come f*** me" bodies. Would love to watch another guy really give her what she needs!

  • Not have someone else f*** someone they're dating

  • 99 percent of guys wanna f*** someone they aren't dating

  • Got any pictures?

  • Actually, I do. Interested in tributing a few?

  • Sure I would.

  • I can send them to you by sms anonymous text or email .would love for you to splash a pic of my wife and post it. She's hot!

  • Nope , not even close to 99 percent just a few cucks on here that want to see their girlfriend or wife with another man.

  • Agreed I dunno wtf op is talking about

  • I would love to to watch my young wife spread her legs for some black stud with 10 inches or more! Let him plow her till she squeals as he pumps her belly full of jelly!

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