I'm seventy years old this coming April and I've discovered one thing. We continue to say and do stupid things that we regret later. It makes me shudder.

I've shuddered all my life. I remember when I was ten I shuddered in front of my stepfather and he told me rightfully that I shuddered because I remember something I had done or said that was stupid.

Sixty years later I still shudder. Recalling back on my life's events including things I've said and done makes me so embarrassed that it's unpleasant to dwell on it.

I shudder a lot. Stupid things I said that got me fired, lost a friendship or a relationship. Prevented me finding work and overall making bad decisions that led to very unpleasant consequences.

Here's the worst thing. If you have a tendency to act in an incompetent way or to blurt idiotic things out the tendency will never completely go away. It keeps happening.

I often sit down and make a policy of sitting there doing nothing and keeping my mouth shut.

Problems never leave if you were born with them.

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  • We all say and do stupid things from time to time. We hurt people. We embarrass people and ourselves. We are sometimes thoughtless, and sometimes careless. Sometimes selfish. But there's also times we are kind, caring, giving, loving, and good. In the end I think it all balances out.

  • Would i be h**** as f*** when i reach 70, coz this is what gets me in trouble man!!

  • Sorry to hear mate.

    I learned that I can say inappropriate things and so I have learned to not make comments. In a group of mates, I laugh when others laugh, I buy a round when it is my turn but I don't chip in with a smart remark because it usually misses the mark.

    Good luck.

  • Yes well. I can no longer work due to my age but I can still get in trouble if I don't watch what I say or what and how I look at someone.

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