Variety .. WTF

How come variety is accepted in all aspects of life except for s**? Its ok for people to like different material items, food dishes, vacation spots, entertainment outlets, transportation, etc .. however its taboo & demonized if one admitts to having more than one lover/s** partner .. I think this is one of the reasons why its hard for some to come clean because who wants to go through some traumatic devastating dramatic episode just for admitting to having different s**? Marriage and having a family is cool but it seems like thats all there is, we work to feed our family, we pay bills to take care of family. However the social aspect is dead .. i mean i luv meeting new people because it leads to new experiences .. yeah yeah yeah a real man should just be about wife,kids and the bills .. but what about the variety? taking a break from the norm? .. how come one must be labeled "single" in order to enjoy the variety in life? but those marital have to be these robots that have no life and brainwashed into thinking you enjoy the same s**??

Oct 26, 2016

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  • This is your issue. Plenty of us are more than happy to be with one person for the rest of our lives, because the good outweighs the bad and random s** is pointless after you've been a married woman that loves their husband's c** inside them.

    Life is crazy enough, if I couldn't trust that what I have with my husband was sacred there would be no point to any relationship again. Maybe that's what some people want, well most of us are happy in our relationships and the reason nobody promotes this slutty lifestyle is because no good can come of it.

    Do whatever you want to do, but don't expect normal people to applaud your behavior. We don't really care. Nothing special about being a s***, anyone can be one.

  • It depends on the person. I think it's cool if people want polygamy. I wish I could evolve myself in that manner. Personally, the way I am now, I'm far too selfish and possessive to allow more than one person in my relationship. My boyfriend says he'd be okay if I experimented with other women, but I can't. I end up feeling violated or annoyed if anyone flirts with me besides him. Some people like belonging to others. In the case of marriage, he really wants to do it but I don't because I think it's lame needing a contract so it's different for everyone.

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  • Variety is good when buying a car, outfits, etc., but it doesn't work so well when having a RELATIONSHIP. There is a reason why people tend to operate in pairs.

  • That's the thing, not every relationship operates in pairs!

    There's different/numerous relationship dynamics in the world, that suits many people. There isn't just one!

  • F*** off boring conservative

  • Shut up, virginal little would-be edgelord.

  • That's why I don't intend to have children. I'd rather do whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm not single. But I do have a loving partner, who understands my growing need, to explore my sexuality with women.
    We talked about it and he seems ok with it. I'm not interested in any other men, as I love him and can't imagine myself with any other man and I don't want any other man, to touch me. But anyways, I like a variety and if my partner did, I would support him too.

    So my point is, if you want a variety in your life, pursue it. Life is too short to live it, within the confines of societal conformity and what is deemed appropriate/conventional.

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