I love white women (brown guy) what is wrong with me?

Hello, I needed to get this out. I consider most white people to be racist, and I dont like them because of their racism and hatred. For some messed up reason I love white women. If a white woman comes up to me and wants to date, I dont think I can turn her down. I want to date them, marry them, have many kids with them, have white babies with them, the whole nine yards. Even my p*** search now is white woman only, I cannot stop thinking about impregnating them.

I even think about impregnating an older white woman (at her 50!!!) and I dont care. I dont know what is wrong with me. My family will definitely not like if I start dating or even marry a white woman, but I cannot stop myself. If a blonde, blue eyed woman comes up and she wants to date and marry, I dont think I can control myself.

I am young guy in his 20s, minority, and the only thing in my mind is being with white women only. What is wrong with me.

Oct 26, 2016

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  • Actually, there are TWO things wrong with you:
    1) You're thinking with your pinga, like a typical idiot male.
    2) Your pinga actually carries MORE intelligence than the head between your ears.
    Why is it that those who deserve to breed the least want to do it the most?

  • Makes me sick when I see a black or rican guy with a white woman...It's unnatural.

  • Each to their own :)

  • You consider most white ppl to be racist is a racist statement soooo f*** u loser u don't think brown ppl would've acted exactly the same way as us if the coin was flipped

  • Blacks who look for partners outside their race have fallen victim to the white racist propaganda that women of color are not attractive. As a white male, I rose above this prejudice and I have discovered beauty in women of all races.

    You can do the same thing.

  • The white women commenting seem to have good intentions but are clueless. Learn black history and reread his post. There is a huge difference between attraction and obsession due to self hatred.

  • Why would you date people you don't like?

  • Nothing is wrong. I'm a white gal (38f) married to a white guy, and grew up in a rural white area. I've always wanted to be with a black guy, for reasons of attraction, curiosity, and cultural intrigue.

    People of all races are beautiful, but we don't always have the flavors we want to try at the local market. It doesn't stop us from craving them, though.

  • I used to know a guy like that whose last name was Brown. He definitely did not love himself.

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