I hate being a parent

I hate being a mom. My daughter is damn near perfect. She holds my hand walking she stops when I say no and she is very loving. But she takes everything! Food time patience body space. I've resorted to the food bank and stamps to feed her diaper bank to diaper her. I can't go anywhere without her no alone time not even a shower alone. If I'm eating it doesn't matter if I fed her she wants my food! She is ALWAYS crawling on me for attention. I know I love her deep down but I have seriously considered leaving. Without her. And the worst part is her dad makes it very clear I am a selfish mom. I will get up and walk away from her when she is crying for stupid reasons like I refuse to play her Barbie movie. I will shove her off If she tries getting in my food. I will move across a room when she tries to crawl on me. I eat the last cookie staring at her knowing she wants a bite. I know I'm selfish But I feed her clean her give her a safe home all the toys she wants. I think I've sacrificed enough. I hate having a family. I wish I had never had her.

Oct 27, 2016

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  • Sorry error on e-mail of reply. It's yojikuma2b@gmail.com

  • I would love to have a little girl like that to love and take care of. I can understand your feelings, and sometimes the best thing to do is to give the child to a person who will love and care for her. youjikuma2b@gmail.com

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm still in diapers can I have her please?

  • Being a parent is hard. It is all day and all night. But you have to be careful how you're selfishness and immaturity and how you act towards her may very well be considered neglect and abuse onto your child. That doesn't mean that anything your child wants she gets, but the crap you are withholding, I'm trying to figure out exactly who the child is in this scenario. Parenting is a juggling act. You have to find a balance in this. Where your child's needs are met as well as yours. And if you can't do that, you need to be honest and either consider finding help to give you some free time or consider giving her up for adoption. At least while she is young, either your husband will take her and you may find yourself single or a family can adopt her. She deserves that. Then you can get your tubes tied to ensure you never have another child and lead the life you want to lead. Parenting is not cut out for everyone. But if you are going to be an adult, then make the right decisions that won't affect her for her entire life because you are too selfish to do the right thing.

  • Please don't take in the extremely judgemental remarks by some of the people on here. Everyone is looking at things from a child's perspective, being that we are all someones's kid. Truth is, if you haven't lived it, you wouldn't have a f****** clue what parenthood is like.

    It's hard, being a parent. Being a mother is even harder because of the obvious pressure put on mother's to hold all their s*** together. And god forbid you want to vent, like you have, then the judgemental p***** of the world come out with their f****** pitch forks and fire!

    Go easy on yourself. You are human! Parenting, much like anything in life, doesn't begin to show it's true colours until you're in it. By that point, it's too late. Unlike finding out a job just isn't right for you once you start working, you cannot just up and leave without some major consequences. Parenthood is very much like a sentence - not a death sentence, but akin to a prison sentence. You do your time, but if you can go back and change things so you don't spend your days locked up, you would.

    True change comes from recognising it and making changes so you don't live with regrets. Maybe you make the decision to never have another child, maybe get out and about some more, take up a new hobby, study, start working more hours so the time you do spend with her feels more like quality time rather than duty. Give yourself a break, you're doing fine. Good luck.

  • People who are only into themselves should never have kids. Thanks for the reminder.

  • That would rule out the vast majority of the population, who continue to breed like flies and make even more a******* who are only into themselves. This won't stop until an outside authority steps in, because stupid self-centered people love to make more of themselves.

  • If I was a little older I would ve take care of her....be her father. but a b**** like you shouldn't deserve to live! DIE already scum!

  • Let me guess and your husbands working all the time a real job is more difficult than what ur doing just lazy

  • Let someone else raise her. Someone that will love her and take good care of her. Please.

  • Then why did you become a parent?

  • How sad. Selfish. Find it in your heart to love her.

  • If you don't connect with her as an infant she will grow to be narcissistic, and your life will be h***. This is only temporary, trust me, it goes by faster than you think. Show her love now, or she will shut you out later and you will regret that even more.

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