My embrassing past

Not too long ago I was behind a car of my friends and a man was crossing flipped the car in front of me off and yelled chinks. 8 of us exited both cars and swarmed him. Now there wasn't much physical altercation yet until he spat on a good friend of mine and told him to go back to our country. This wasn't my first time facing this kind of ignorance but for some reason none of us could restrain ourselves push came to shove and the rest you could assume. I am ashamed and embarrassed I have a deep fear of the white community now and feel like we're constantly being tested and looked Down on. I know violence isn't the answer but the better ways we were taught whilst growing up seems to be ineffective. We have to re educate them every single time? And knowing racists they are very in open to change. Forgive me.

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  • You yellow bas.tard

  • Most whites aren't like that. If you think whites are bad though wait until you run into an angry black.

  • Racist

  • ^Naive child

  • I read the newspapers and watch the news. What I said is true whether the reality is pleasant or not.

  • No impulse control - you are actually weak. Only God can forgive you

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