Had to do it

I'm a 33 year old single mom and been sleeping with my son for a year,I would think about him when pleasuring myself,so one afternoon i desided that was the day it was going to happen,I had it all setup had p*** in the dvd player and when he came and sat down in the living room i pressed play,he wasn't even 16 yet couldn't look away and i asked him as he seen a real p**** before,I could see he was turned on and told him it's normal if he wanted to j*** off,I took my robe off and he looked and said f*** me my answer was if you wanted to,I wasn't wasting that chance might not of got another one.



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  • Ive wanted to have s** with my mom since i was 13, her body is so sexy. Plump ass, big t***, i used her sexy panties to j******* with and would c** in them then put them back for her to wear, im sure she figured it out. I hope one day i can see her in thongs and gstrings and f*** her plump hairy p****

  • Best mom ever, you did a good thing to your son, i would shake and breathe very shortyly from excitment, crying tears of joy the dream of being back inside you completes me in everyway.. i wish my mom gave me a chance

  • The world would be a better place if more moms took your lead.

  • That is very true!

  • If it is mtually agreed between two people to have s** whether incest or not others should not have problem in this.
    After all its their bodies, their pleasure and their life.

  • I don't know. I see value in this site and am thankful for it but have trouble realizing there could be that much s** with dad, mom, brother, cousin, step child, aunt, uncle, etc., etc. Is it the availability of living in close contact? Is it the inability to go find people outside the family? Is it a dominance and control thing? Or is it just some sort of perverted hillbilly thing (apologies those who might be normal but identify as a hillbilly). There are millions of lonely, kind and normal people out there. Could we broaden the search for sexual relief?

  • It's more a bunch of bored incels posting fanfic at each other than anything. Welcome to the lamest playground on the internet!

  • Most confessions on here are pure fantasy but that isn't the case for everyone. Even if it just fantasy the thought of incest is still there and how popular incest seems to be is interesting.

  • Incest is more popular than you think. People, in general, do not talk about it. It keeps inside the family. If there is an agreement between two or more in a family, there is nothing to say about it. The only time you heard it is the person was forced, and it was not agreed that the person tells someone about it.
    All mothers of the world had gone into their son's bedroom when he went to bed, that she kisses him, rub him. She will reach down there and rubs his genitals, so he goes to sleep.

    The reason why women gossip so much is because of their sexuality—the main reason why women in general call other s** names are protected their sleeve.

  • The law has it backwards, its the mothers that dont do this who are being abusive. its her duty.

  • I think sites like this one can make you question certain things. No one really knows what is normal or not. In some countries incest is legal between adults and in my opinion that is the it should be. I think there are all sorts reasons for s** with a family member like it could be love and affection, bonding or stress relief. Lets not forget s** is fun as well and it doesn't have to be for procreation. People should have the right to choose who they have consensual s** with.

  • I'm sure he was moaning months ago, he's a teacher that likes his 13 year old student.

  • Most of us read and move on but you seem to have a problem with with her confession,you worry to much.

  • You seem to be overly worried about other people's observations. Maybe you should just be quiet and accept that they enjoy the same freedom of speech that you do. Sorry if you've got a problem with that.

  • This same writer makes up stupid fantasy stuff all the time and doesn’t have enough brains to realize we all know.

  • Mothers introducing their sons to s** can be a very good thing. Perhaps men would appreciate women more and in the right manner.
    I know, because I learned from my Mom when I was fourteen and she was thirty-three. She was my first, and a great teacher.

  • The best place for preteen and teens to learn about s** is in the home. Where are girls to learn about boys, it the home where it safe.

  • Preteen is best

  • No reason to wait til teens

  • 100% agree.

  • I used to love having s** with my mum! She was my first and in my opinion that's the way it should be

  • And legalized for all ages. its the moms that are depriving their little boys of pleasure who are the abusers. If anything, that should be illegal.

  • If u read what she put would make him 15

  • Then how old was your son?

  • You are full of it and a lousy writer.

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