I am 34 yrs old, my husband has been paralyzed for the past 3 years we have 1 child. He mad a lot of money, so these days all I do is take care of him day and night. He still works as a consultant. He has movements of his arms but not his fingers or the rest of the body. But lately the d**** isn't working anymore. I need to be touched, I want to feel another mans body against mine. I really want another mans co*k inside of me and my mouth. I've gone out with my friends and they've all tried to hook me up. The furtherest I've taken it was sexting maybe a few pics and videos here and there, but nothing psychical. I've sat on my hubbys face, his fingered me, but that's not enough, I. want more. Am I wrong for wanting more? I feel horrible sometimes for thinking of other men, fantasizing being with other men. I can't take it no more.

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  • No not at all. I had my prostate removed due to cancer and cannot perform sexually. With my blessing my wife goes to "book club" once a week and comes home with a smile, no knickers and hair hair in a mess. She is content and I am happy she is content.

  • Blow me!

  • You deserve to have your s** needs met. If you find a guy you feel like you want to f***, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! What's wrong with you, girl?

  • I'm in southwest Ohio email me at the

  • Message me on

  • Not wrong at all.. My good, and, unbelievably beautiful friend "Denise" (name change) is married, but her husband fell from a work truck, and has tons of long-term, internal injuries, including inability to have s**. It's even been part of their lawsuit, his "lack of proper function". Denise is beautiful, hot, and admits to being a very sexual person.

    A few months ago, she and I were going back and forth online, and she asked when I'd be in the area again (she lives an hour from me), and that she "had something she wanted me to do for her". Denise told of sexual want, need, feel bad doing this to him but..I'm still a woman and have desires..All leading up to a direct "I want you to fk me, very soon and very much".

    We set up a weekend when I'd be in town, met at a large hotel that's kind of the crown jewel of the nearby city, she looked her usual, hot self, and I got us a room for the night. We wasted little time with chit-chat and catching up, getting right to it fairly quickly. We had such free, amazing s** until the next morning, taking breaks to rest and eat twice. I really had at her, soaking in her beauty and sensuality. The best part? Not a word was spoken about her husband. Don't think she mentioned his name at all.

    We've gotten together three more times since, and each has been incredible. I'm itching to meet up with her again soon.

  • No you aren't wrong, for wanting more.

  • That's very fortunate that you want more. Let's take it one step at a time email me

  • Get some toys and have him use them on you.

  • If he is super wealthy get a penile implant. Erections on demand and problem solved.

  • Not super! Enough to be happy

  • Where do you live?

  • Stay f*****

  • You are still a young woman with sexual desires and needs, its completely normal. My advice would be to go out and get what you need , if not it will only build resentment towards your husband. Just be discreet about it , you can have your fun f****** and sucking other men without humiliating your husband in the process . Good Luck.

  • Find a f*** buddy

  • I will help

  • Find someone who can give you what you need without disturbing anything else

  • We all have our limits. You've reached yours. Simple as that.

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