Child support

If a women wants the option of child support she should need the mans consent to go a long with the pregnancy of course it should be her decision to actually go along with it or not I'm just saying she should need more than just sperm to put a guy on the hook for 18 years financially and not even f****** involve him in the decision. Laws need to change its not equality its bullshit.

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  • Women are currently fighting for equal everything but they don't want to give this one up even tho it isn't even close to equal and in their favour

  • Intercourse between a male and a female (condom/birth control or not) can cause pregnancy. If two people have consensual intercourse, both of those people must accept the inherent risk of becoming a parent. So, if a child is born as a result of that intercourse, money will be needed to raise that child. Two people created the child = two people pay for the well being of the child.

  • F*** off two people created the child both parties should have say

  • Exactly. And some fck head below said something about the female poking holes in condoms or taking a condom back out of the garbage. Shouldn't be having s** with someone you can't trust.

  • Even people u trust can f*** u over stupid

  • Its sad how guys get caught for cash because s**** wont take care wrong i only s**** married ladies no worry no condoms

  • If men were the ones carrying the babies there would be a lot fewer unwanted babies u ppl who f****** don't abort it when u don't have money skills or even really wanting the baby are pure scum and then u leech of ur ex and don't use any of the money on the kid hasn't happened to me but I've seen it enough times

  • Ummm he had a choice. See, here's the thing. Protection (condom) = very small chance of becoming a father. Unprotected s** = good chance of becoming a father. Abstaining = no chance of becoming a father. The fcking child didn't ask to be conceived so why should men just get a free pass? If you put your d*ck in you pay. Simple. No laws need to change you deranged assshole.

  • If abstaining was realistic Africa wouldn't be full of AIDS....

  • Your opinion and comment, don't account for the young women and children, that get raped!! Use your brain!

  • She had a choice too birth control

  • If u put ur d*** in u pay u sound exactly like a h***** f*** u

  • See here's the thing no he didn't if the condom breaks or she sneaks it out of the trash and shoves what's left in her how is hat the f****** guys choice yet he has noo decision in whether the baby is aborted yet it took him to conceive it in the first place

  • The women had the ultimate choice it takes two

  • Hey r***** that's not a 100 percent

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